Gerry Hussey's Guided Meditation

Take less than 10 minutes out of your day to check in with yourself, focus on your breathing and clear your mind with Gerry Hussey’s guided meditations.

As part of our WellGood challenge with KBC, Gerry Hussey is encouraging us all to take a few minutes to meditate today.

As well as the motivation and calming guided meditations below, Gerry has also shared his top tips for living in the present. See if you can incorporate these steps into your day for a more powerful you.

Gerry’s calming guided meditation

Gerry’s motivation guided meditation

Gerry’s Top Tips on Being Present

Stop Downloading

Stop the streaming of cluttered, irrational, defeating thoughts and bring clarity instead of clutter.


Observe your own behaviour and past as if it was someone else’s. See the impact this behaviour has on yourself, your situation and those around you. Ask if this is the way you want it or do you want it to be different?


Accept that the present is the present and the past can’t be changed and the future hasn’t happened. This moment is the where everything exists. Accept and embrace the chaos. Focus on what you have control of and focus on the things you can directly impact.


Inspire yourself with an incredible WHY. This can be a loved one, a family member that believes in you or it can be that tiny fighter inside that refuses to give up. Let this ignite the fire and ignite the fight.


Commit and decide that this thinking system and these behaviours are going to change. Don’t dwell on mistakes or the negative behaviour, develop new and simple steps and behaviours to replace the older defeating behaviours.


Implement these behaviours and thinking systems for at least 21 days. Of course they will be great days and not so great days but either way, start each day with a new and fresh commitment


Every 10 days assess the behaviours, the thinking systems and the results and see if it is having the impact you need. Reset Modify behaviour and thinking where required and set a clear path for next 10 days.


Remind yourself of your WHY or maybe replace the first why with a new more powerful why.


Think, act and behave in the new more powerful you.

Want to join in?

If you missed the last few days it’s not too late to join in. Check out all the info here.

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