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Gerry Hussey On Developing A Good Sleep Routine

Tune into Gerry Hussey’s latest WellGood podcast all about sleep and recovery.

Gerry is joined by WellFest marketing manager Annabelle Price for today’s podcast all about sleep and recovery.

Delve into the importance of sleep and the little changes you can make to your morning and evening routines to improve your energy levels, mood, memory, digestion and more.

Today’s challenge is to design your ideal morning and evening routines and start putting small changes into practice to make these reality.



We would love to hear about any changes you’re putting into practice with your own routines. Let us know on social media using @WellFestIrl and #KBCWellGood for the chance to win tickets to WellFest 2019 in association with KBC. We’re giving away two pairs of weekend tickets every week!

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