Gerry Hussey Vision Board

Gerry Hussey talks about how we can start to think about the things that we want in our lives through a vision board of our goals and targets.

As part of our WellGood challenge with KBC, Gerry Hussey is sharing his advice on how to harness the power of a vision board.

Things to remember

Have a vision board that is focused on the person that you want to be, including statements and photos. The more you get to see photos of you at your best and the more you get to see positive affirmation statements, the more our conscious mind will start to believe it.

Create your vision board. Focus less on the things you want and more on the person that you want to become.

A vision board is a future truth that depicts what you will have in your life and the person that you want to be.

Create your vision and dare to dream

We all need a dream, a vision that sets our hearts on fire. It doesn’t matter how crazy or impossible it may seem to others, or even to you at the start. The most important thing is that it’s your dream, it inspires your passions and fires your emotions.

Life is too short to waste time; be brave, be passionate and paint the picture of the things you love and the life you want. In order for your dream to exist in the world, it must first exist in your thoughts and beliefs. Keep the dream in front of you; allow the promise of the future to inspire the present.

Create YOUR vision board

We need to keep ourselves motivated and focused on the things that we love and are grateful for. It’s easy to get frustrated or demotivated by the chaos that can sometimes surround us. It is at these times our vision board is essential – the vision board will act like an anchor to focus our thoughts and our actions.

Create a vision board. Put images of the people and things you love most, put images of your dreams, things that inspire you – create the future you want. Focus always on the things you want in life, rather than the things you don’t. Combining your future vision with the ability to enjoy your present journey is the key.

Having a picture of the future is vital to keep us focused and motivated as we encounter the everyday challenges and temptations. However, it’s also important that we can enjoy the process and see the beauty and celebrate the little successes along the way.

We all make resolutions, set goals and targets but it’s important not to lose the ability to be in the present. To celebrate the little successes of everyday life. The real key to lasting personal transformation is self-care. Self-care is about totally accepting who you are and loving that person enough to want to support and transform them.

If we blindly chase a future, we risk totally missing the beauty that is in the here and now. Being human is to have imperfections, don’t let these stop you from loving who you are. Embrace the beauty of being perfectly imperfect, perfectly you.

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