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Gerry Hussey’s Top Tips For Being Present & Calm

Would you like to foster a sense of calm? Then today’s WellGood podcast episode is for you

On the podcast today, performance psychologist Gerry Hussey and WellFest director and co-founder Anthony Kelly discuss how to foster a sense of calm and overcome the ‘disease of distraction’.

Tune into today’s episode to see why Gerry believes distraction can be akin to a disease. Gerry also shares his top tips for being present and calm.

Challenge yourself today, take a tech free walk or turn your phone off at 8pm to try to put Gerry’s tips into practice.

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Gerry mentions the following in today’s episode in case case you would like to explore further:

  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  • Phone tracking apps include and they are also built in the latest iPhones: Offtime, Moment and Breakfree. See more here
  • Apps for meditation: Calm and Headspace
  • Transcendence documentary
  • Gaia app
  • Bruce Lipton’s work