Gerry Hussey

900 months performance of a lifetime – Gerry explains that your average life expectancy is 900 months and you sleep for 300, leaving you with 600!

It’s what we choose to fill our time with that matters. We should fill our time, our minutes or our hours with something that it true to what makes us happy.

Pursue the things you love and worry less about what people think and you will have the ability to bounce back.

With the months that you might have left, what would you like to achieve? Gerry discusses the topic further in his thought provoking article below.

Today’s Challenge

Your challenge today is to watch Gerry’s video and ask yourself, would your baby self be happy with the person you have become?

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Uncovering the Real You in 900 months

Ask most people to describe themselves and they quickly start off telling you their age, where they’re from and what they work at. They speak easily for a minute or so and then the conversation goes the same way, after describing what they do their voices fades and silence arrives. It’s this silence that intrigues me. Describing how old you are, what you work as and where you live are simply numbers and titles and say nothing of who you are.

What makes you you, what makes you special are your dreams, your fears and your beliefs. Naming how this world is going to be a better pace because of your passion and your presence is where your voice should to be most certain and most alive.

The journey to being me: Awareness, Love, Action and Commitment

Uncovering who we really are can be an uncomfortable process because to get there requires a deep and deliberate journey that involves challenges some of your deepest beliefs about yourself and about the world.  To really understand anything we must strip away behaviour and even strip away thinking and explore our deepest levels which are our beliefs. These beliefs are a culmination of thousands of tiny little experiences, conversation’s, successes, defeats, traumas and more importantly the culmination of all the little things we have allowed take place over the years in our internal self-talk.

The journey to discovering the real you is the most important journey you will ever take if you are to truly ignite your inner dreams, ambitions and ability to allow yourself to become the very best version of yourself, to become the incredible person you were born to be.

It’s a journey to discover the 4 essential pillars of self-discovery and transformation:

1: Awareness

2: Love

3: Action

4: Commitment

Success and performance is built by carefully and deliberately building these two critical aspects:

1: Is the technical, intellectual knowledge base:  THE HEADwhat we know

2: Is the Human capacity: THE HEART: who we are

To develop one without the other is simply a fools practice. Athletes need to be developed physically and technically. Bigger muscles, faster legs, but athletes more importantly need to be developed to become bigger, stronger people. The Human capacity is where the most important characteristics are. Resilience, Passion, Belief, Loyalty and Love exist and grow not in the head but in the heart.

T.S. Eliot and his message: Develop a strong internal self-image and connection

The poet T.S Eliot said the end of our life journeys we arrive back at our beginning and know it for the first time. I spent years wondering what T.S. meant. My belief is that we are born naked, without a single possession except the desire to be loved. This doesn’t change as we become adults, but we can sometimes sacrifice or substitute the need to be loved for who we are in return for being respected for what we do. This substitution may bring some short term peace but the need and longing to be loved for who we are will remain the most powerful need we experience throughout our lives. This feeling of being loved, starts and ends with our ability to love  ourselves, our flaws and imperfections and not run from or apologise for them. When the person we see in the mirror becomes the person that inspires, motivates and encourages us, when the person we see in the mirror becomes the one who guides and defines our success, then and only then can be truly embrace a lived of personal expression.

All humans need to be and feel loved. To love is of course to love those close to us and equally feel love. This allows us become stronger. To be loved is to be valued, trusted, respected and connected. Feeling connected is an essential need of every the human person.

We have two important networks to connect to.

1: The external network, which is our family, our friends and external possessions

2: The internal network which is made up of our self-belief our self-awareness and our self-love.

People with a poor internal connection constantly look to their external network for justification and acceptance. The danger here is if this external network becomes hostile or uncertain we don’t have the internal strength and self-belief to deal with it. This generation have never been so “connected” but it’s all external connection. Social media encourages people to engage and exist more and more in this external network which lessens our internal connection. Only when we learn to love who we are can we fully give ourselves to our loved ones and to the world. For every piece of us we hide the world becomes a lesser place.

What did T.S.Eliot mean by “Know it for the first time”?  

At the end of our life, we will be laid on a bed, we will be naked, without a single possession. We end exactly as we started. The day we are born our name is written on a piece of paper and placed above our head. As an infant we know nothing about this name, who we are or what makes us special. At our end is where we should know exactly who that person is, their passions, their beliefs, their integrity and their actions. What really matters in the end is the person we become. That is the only real measure of success. When you see your name for the final time, you will either be filled with incredible pride and happiness or incredible regret and sadness. The good news is that you and only you get to decide this and you get to decide it every day.

If you live to be 75, you’re alive for 900 months. Take sleep and work out and you’ve got 300 months

If you are halfway to 75 you’ve got 150. Don’t waste a single second; our time is incredibly precious as are our dreams, fears and our passions. How many people would you give your car to or your bank card to? Yet all these things are just stuff that can be replaced. Are we as selective about the people we invest our time and energy into? Invest only in people that will grow your humanity. I am extremely lucky, not because I get to spend time with world and Olympic champions but because I get to spend time with incredible humans who know the risk of chasing their dreams but also recognise that their dreams are far too important and life is far too short not to chase.

Starting out on a new journey can be frightening, starting a new career, falling in love or facing up to a mental health issue is frightening but these are all a chance to embrace a new you. Your happiness and your wellness is far too important not to.

Being a professional rugby player or a teacher says only what you do. It simply doesn’t define you. It’s part of your personality but it’s just one piece and it’s important you see yourself as something far more than this one piece. A mental health issue is part of your humanity, it can be a big part, but it absolutely does not define you. What defines you is your response, your openness, your honesty and your bravery to share, name it and stand up and fight it. Long after you have learned to manage and tame it you will be left with the confidence and the knowledge that you stood up to this, in big ways, in smalls ways, with tiny steps you stood up and refused to let it define you.

Facing up to a mental health issue is like falling in love, it makes your heart race, fills you with fear, a million what ifs and might-bes. But I promise you this; it’s like a bungee jump. Get yourself on the platform. Then get the strap in place, then stand up, one step at a time, embrace the fear in the knowledge that the experience will bring you to a place of exhilaration and of freedom, summon your courage and your resolve and take that step. Take it today.