Gym Plus Coffee Model

Gym + Coffee have just made working out a whole lot better

Gym + Coffee are one of our favourite sportswear brands, and their latest product launch has made working out in style a whole lot easier.

We love Gym + Coffee, from the ethos to the founders and especially the sportswear, it’s a brand we can really get behind. So when they announce that they’ve launching a new range of work out tops we sit up and take notice!

Only for women at this stage, sorry lads, the U-Range of tank tops adds to the existing selection of hoodies, t-shirts, vests and leggings.

The U-Range is inspired by the trademark U neck and comes in three subtly distinct styles: U-Move, U-Live and U-Stretch.

Can we have them all?

Gym + Coffee U Move Tank

U-Move Tank, €40, Gym + Coffee

Gym + Coffee U-Live

U-Live Tank, €40, Gym + Coffee

Gym + Coffee U Move

U-Stretch Tank, €40, Gym + Coffee


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