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Win! Three-Month Membership From Gym Plus

To celebrate the New Term New You feeling that September brings, we’ve teamed up with Gym Plus to give away a three-month membership

With the kids back to school, now is the perfect opportunity to make time again for your own health and fitness goals, so we’ve teamed up with the gang at Gym Plus to give away a three-month membership and gym bag.

Gym Plus has eight clubs to choose from around Ireland, as well as state of the art equipment, facilities, classes and expert trainers – everything you need to get stuck into a healthy autumn.

The team at Gym Plus team has come up with some health and fitness tips to get you motivated this term.

Top Tip: Try a New Class

The new term is the perfect opportunity to mix up your workout and try a new routine. If you have been doing the same workout for a while, boredom can set in so mix it up!

From a fast-paced aerobic-based class to the slower-paced stretching, mobility and flexibility classes there is something for everyone at all fitness levels. Mixing in new exercises such as kettlebells, Fitball or spin can give you the challenge you need to progress in your fitness and also boost your mental stimulation. Yoga, Pilates and stretch classes can help you build flexibility and strength while leaving you feeling centered and calm. You can easily book classes and activities through the Gym Plus FitSense app, making it easy to plan your schedule in advance.

Top Tip: Get Organised the night before

Once the kids’ lunch boxes are sorted now it is time to organise your own morning.  Lay out your workout clothes, or put them in your gym bag.  Fill up your water bottle (don’t forget to pop it in the fridge), and pack everything you’ll need for the day, like a change of clothes or your office gear, before going to bed. Being prepared is your first step to having a successful gym session. New joiners to sign up for Gym Plus in September will be given a gym bag and sweat towel with their membership.

Top Tip: Find an Exercise Buddy

If you haven’t already got an exercise buddy, this new term is the time to get one. Having a gym buddy is a great way to stay on track as you will be accountable to each other. Making a commitment to others has been proven to increase people’s motivation to continue with their own fitness goals. Gym Plus itself is the perfect friendly, sociable environment to meet like-minded trainers and members who will support you each week.

Your exercise buddy can be someone who “spots you” during a weight session, joins you in an exhilarating spin class or encourages some friendly competition in the swimming pool.  Working out with a gym buddy can push you to reach your fitness goals faster and ensure a fun session at the same time.

Gym Plus offers free 1-day guest passes so visitors can see for themselves all that is on offer.

To be in with a chance to win, follow our Instagram and Facebook page for details

Visit www.gymplus.ie for more information on how this term can be your healthiest one yet.

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