FLYEfit gyms. Where would our Irish Fit Fam be without them? Home of the Office Athlete, the Brazilian Bodybuilder, the Hell & Back T Shirt-Wearer and the Serial Selfie Taker (#Fitspo). 

New FLYEfit gyms are popping up all over the place, each with its own unique quirks. Some have seventeen trillion floors. Others have the fancy new brown lockers. One is in an underground vault, while others have floor to ceiling windows with views to die for. The new Blanchardstown gym even has a heated Polar Chamber where you can track your heart rate and calories on a screen! (getting very high tech altogether).

All jokes aside, though, FLYEfit have done an amazing job of creating a top quality fitness experience that is accessible to everyone, for a really good price. They have even ventured outside The Pale, with their new Cork gym. Our marketing executive, Jessica, went down to give it a go for herself. Here is her review.

As a long time FLYEfit member, I have spent a very large number of stressful mornings of my life wrestling with the Blue Cages of Doom on my way in to the gym.

Most FLYEfit members have been there.

It’s basically your initiation.

So my first impression of FLYEfit Cork was definitely a positive one. They have the new fancy slidey glass barriers instead!

Things are looking good.

It took me a minute to figure out where the changing room was – But once I found it I was bowled over at the size of it! I went at a fairly quiet time of day. But I have a hard time imagining that space getting cramped or crowded. Even at rush hour.

Next up, the grand gym tour. 

This gym has six floors (yes, you read that correctly), so before I could even begin my warm up, I had to get the lay of the land.

High Performance Zone

Floor -2 is called the High Performance Zone. It has LOADS of squat racks, with conditioning equipment such as rowers, ski ergs and assault bikes dotted around as well. This floor would be perfect for powerlifters, as well as CrossFitters doing barbell/conditioning MetCons.

(Bonus point – there was only one other person on this floor any time I checked).


I have christened floor -1 ‘The BodyBuilder Zone’, as it was hard to find a space to work out amongst the sprawling masses of latissimus dorsi and pectorals.

OK maybe I am being a bit dramatic… But definitely this floor was not suited to the burpees and lunge walks I had planned! If you are a bodybuilder, you will love this floor. The dumbbells are aplenty, they have all the necessary plate loaded machines, cable stations, and there is strictly no cardio allowed. Just be sure to synchronize your dumbbell flyes with the fella beside you, or you might end up bumping knuckles!

Light Lifting

This floor is home to the pin-loaded machines, as well as a few more squat racks and dumbbells. For all the insta-huns and bros looking to get that perfect workout video for the gram – This floor has got the perfect natural light for you.

Functional Training

This was by far my favourite floor. Ski ergs, plyo boxes, kettlebells, wattbikes, rowers, battle ropes… Like a playground for fitness freaks like me! If I had to choose one single floor for my workout, this would be it. I did have to share the space with a class that was taking place at the time, so unfortunately couldn’t get my hands on the ski ergs or wattbikes without running down several flights of stairs (but hey extra steps over the Christmas was probably not a bad thing!).

I must say the class was extremely well attended and looked to be amazing!

If you are into classes, I could tell this was a good one.


I was never going to love this floor. I hate cardio in the form of treadmills and cross trainers. But even if you share my dislike – You simply MUST head up to the cardio floor for a look at the view (and a cheeky pic for the gram. It’s ok, I won’t judge, I got one too).

The only area I did not get a glimpse of was the studio and the spin studio. These are fairly standard across all FLYEfit gyms, not that I ever darken the door, because I am not a yogi nor do I belong to the bootcamp brigade.

Overall, I thought FLYEfit Cork was a pretty cool training experience. I had certainly never been in a gym with as many floors, and it’s cool that each type of gym-goer has their own floor; from crossfitters to cardio bunnies and everyone in between! The only downside for me was that I don’t really fit into any of these categories. So I spent a lot of time on the stairs. But that’s ok too, I just incorporated stair sprints into my workout!

For a full timetable of classes available in FLYEfit Cork, click here.

Location: Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork

Monthly Fee: €32

Parking: None, but multi story carpark 5 mins away

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