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7 Hacks To Have A Healthier Day

What’s the secret successful people have in common? They start their day the right way. If you want to have a healthier day then start with these morning habits.

It’s very easy to start the week with great intentions and a to do list as long as your arm. But if you don’t have a morning routine it’s easy to let things slide. So, adopt these seven hacks for a healthier day and watch the small changes herald big results.

Drink up

Starting your day with a glass of water is an old wives tales that’s been in circulation for years, but according to Dawn Thorpe Jarvis, R.D., senior director of nutrition science and educational content for Garden of Life, there’s something behind it. Kick starting your body and replacing lost fluids, drinking a glass of water first thing is the ideal way to start your day.

Stretch it out

We’re not talking about hitting the gym or pounding the pavements here. No, we’re talking about stretching your body before you even get out of bed. If you think of your body as a machine, it makes sense to try and get blood flowing and your muscles warmed up before you start moving properly. You don’t even have to get out of bed, try a simple child’s pose, a hamstring stretch or a pelvic tilt. It’s easier to treat a functioning  body well.

Eat something nutrient rich

It’s all too easy to reach for coffee and a pastry first thing in the morning, and while it may kick start with a momentary jolt of energy; in terms of fueling up for the day ahead it’s not the right approach. Instead Jarvis recommends opting for something full of nutrients first thing in the morning so that your body gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs.

Reach for the greens

Your metabolism slows down overnight so revving it up again with greens is a great way to keep your body burning fat all throughout the day. Dawn Jarvis says: “‘Leafy greens with protein are a wonderful source of many antioxidant nutrients.”

Prep ahead of time

If your mornings are a scramble of pressing the snooze alarm and then rushing for the bus accept this about yourself and prep the night before. Overnight oats are a great way to get fruits into your morning routine while smoothies achieve the same thing with the added benefit of getting a green quotient in there.

Avoid your phone

With instant access to mails, social media, breaking news and even the radio it can be hard to avoid reaching for your phone in the morning. But by reducing screen time in the morning, even for 20 minutes, you start your day in a more mindful way and are able to really tune in to how you’re feeling. Try setting intentions for the day in the shower or using the time you save from not scrolling through Instagram to start your day with a simple meditation.  Try it for a week and we promise you’ll never go back.

Plan your workout

Book the class, pack your gear bag, and leave your shoes at the front door. If you want to start the day with a workout but know you’re liable to distraction then beat yourself at your own game. Remove obstacles the night before which means when you wake up you really have no choice but to just get up and go. Plus it’s true, you never regret a workout!

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