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6 Hacks For A Stress Free Morning

Is the start to every day frantic? Then you need some simple hacks for a stress free morning

You know the drill, you mean well and every Sunday you swear this week will be different. But before you know it it’s Tuesday, you’re running for the bus and are wearing odd socks. The morning struggle is real, so what you need are simple hacks to change how you do things.

Pick out your clothes the night before

This isn’t rocket science but it will certainly make a big difference to your morning routine. Instead of standing in front of your wardrobe struggling with finding something to wear to work, pick out your outfit the night before and leave it hanging on the outside of your wardrobe. This way you won’t have to rush and will always be dressed appropriately.

Choose an alarm clock over your phone

And place it far across the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. The danger with using your phone is that once you have it in your hands, the temptation to start scrolling becomes too great. Plus, it’s easier to press snooze on a phone than reset an alarm clock.

Get up early enough so you don’t have to rush

This sounds almost too obvious, but have you actually timed your morning routine? Work backwards from the time you need to leave and and figure out what time you need to get up at. A good tip is to use breakfast radio as your milestones; if a competition is always at the same time then you know that’s the time you need to be getting dressed, leaving the house, or getting up. Whatever works for you, but timing your routine might be a game changer. Plus, if you do wake up late, you can figure out what to leave out of your routine to still make it to work on time.

Avoid looking at your phone immediately

Apart from the time wasting element, starting your morning in peace and without the stress of social media or emails can only be a good thing. We’re hyper connected, which has many benefits, but it does make it WAY harder to turn off. And if you check emails or social media constantly then you’re buying into the notion of always being busy.

Include some quiet time in your routine

Maybe it’s ten minutes meditation on the bus, maybe it’s a cup of coffee while looking out the window, or maybe it’s the peace and quiet of the shower. Do whatever you need to do to include some quiet time in your morning routine.

Check your schedule the day before

This ties back into point one, but but knowing what you have on the following day you’ll sleep better, plan better and be better prepared. Whether you opt for an old school notebook and pen or use your phone, make sure all your appointments are in one place – mixing personal and work appointments makes for a more streamlined day.

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