Well done! You’ve made it to the halfway point of WellGood!

Take the time to measure your progress using the WellCheck. Compare it to your starting WellCheck questionnaire to see the progress you have made so far.

If you need some motivation to keep going with the WellGood programme, Gerry explains all things resilience and motivation in the ‘read more’ section below.

Check in with your progress using the WellCheck questionnaire! Measuring your progress at this point will help you see how far you have come and also give you another comparison to use at the end of WellGood to see your stages of improvement throughout the programme!

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The secret about resilience, motivation and making things happen

Human resilience and motivation, these are topics many people ask how top athletes achieve. Most people presume that all athletes are incredibly motivated and naturally resilient people who have a naturally high capacity to deal with challenge and adversity – it’s easy to see why you may think that. However, as a fundamental capacity, motivation and resilience is possessed by every single one of us. Why you can’t find or struggle to display it at times is simply a matter of priority, emotional connection and investing your time into the right things.

Resilience is simply a matter of how passionately you care for the task or consequence. Why athletes can look so motivated and resilient is the simple fact they have identified the thing that they are most passionate about, the thing that makes them feel fully human and fully alive. They have found their WHY, their north star, their life guiding principle and they have been brave enough, or crazy enough, to single this out and prioritise it above all other things; not let bad self-stories or external critics distract them from this. Put simply, they filter out what is not important to them so they can now place all their energy and abilities into the things they love most. What you put your energy into are the things that will become abundant in your life.

Define your WHY

Once you define your WHY, have a clear picture of the things we value most, you can stop putting your energy into things that don’t really fulfil, excite or energise you. Begin to refocus your energy, time and passion into a number of key items that are really important to you.

When you have this picture you can start to look at the process of HOW. With a clearly defined process and support in the right areas, it now becomes about baby steps – taking only the required steps each day, slowly and carefully building something small, into something great. Remember; you can’t manage time, but you can manage where you invest your energy in the time you have.

It’s worth noting that there are always 168 hours in a week, every week. An interesting exercise is to plot out where you invest these 168 hours; of course we have the big ones, work, sleep etc. However I bet there are at least 10-15 hours per week you can’t account for. Try it and see!

If you were to free up only 1% of your time, just 1% that is approximately 15 minutes everyday or 1 hour 45 minutes per week. All you need to do is ask yourself if becoming a more confident, healthier, happier person is worth that 1% of your time?

If you decide yes, then come on and let’s get cracking! Find your WHY, find the thing that excites you. Attach a personal, emotional reason for doing it and invest your energy into the things that are most likely to achieve this.

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