How Are the The Happy Pear So Happy?

After the release of their new book, Recipes For Happiness, The Happy Pear reveal how they are always so happy.

When we were younger, we used to think that having lots of money and success was the key to happiness – we wanted to be billionaires and have our own private island by the time we were thirty! Now, we are a little older and wiser, and our experiences over the years have taught us a thing or two, when it comes to living a happier life.

We believe that happiness is not down to one specific thing, but a combination of three fundamentals; food, movement, and managing your head. If you work on these three areas, we believe it will help you to feel a little happier and better able to deal with the inevitable stresses of life too.


The most important factor when it comes to happiness is health. Our health is very much influenced by what we eat and we have always believed that food is key to feeling good.

When we changed our own diets over 16 years ago, it wasn’t just our health that improved – we found that we were better able to connect with ourselves. We left behind the feeling that we had to aspire to big jobs, flashy cars, and loads of money, instead, we realised what was really important in life; connecting with our community, building something worthwhile that was good for the planet, and being positive.

We obviously follow a plant-based diet, but health and happiness is not about eating kale or becoming a vegan or vegetarian. Health is about enjoying food, taking the time to cook a meal (it doesn’t have to be fancy, even making a bowl of porridge with fruit for brekkie!), and sharing food with family and friends.

Top tip: Making small changes to incorporate more whole-foods into your diet, like swapping your white pasta for wholemeal pasta, or eating an extra serving of veg a day, will all help to keep your health, and your overall well-being, in better shape.


We are all mammals and one thing that all mammals have in common is the need to move. If you own a dog, you’ll know what we are talking about here!

Movement really helps to boost, not only our physical health, but our mental health too. Our primary fuel source is not water or food – it’s oxygen. Exercise helps our lungs take in more oxygen, and our heart pumps oxygen and blood around our body, so we feel more alert, awake, and alive as a result.

We’ve always needed to move a lot. It helps us to feel good, de-stress, and give us lots of energy. About two years ago, we started training first thing in the morning, and now it’s become one of the cornerstones of our day.

Top tip: The key with exercise is doing something that you enjoy; it might be walking, swimming, dancing, running – whatever! Doing an exercise that you find fun means you are more likely to keep it up in the long-term. We love to go running outdoors in the summer months, and we have always been big fans of yoga.

Managing your head

Life can be overwhelming at times, especially in today’s world, where we all seem to be on our phones 24/7! It can be tough trying to juggle the demands of work life and family life, while also trying to get eight hours sleep a night, keep fit, and eat healthily! As busy dads ourselves, we know how demanding it can all be.

Activities such as meditation and mindfulness are now more popular than ever, but looking after your mental health doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to involve any fancy practice either.

For some people, simply going for a walk is the perfect headspace, for others, it might be spending time with a friend or their kids. It’s all about figuring out what works best for you and making time to do a few nice things for yourself each week, to help recharge your batteries.

One thing that we really love to do each day, is go for a swim in the sea at sunrise. It’s a magical way to start the day and getting into the cold sea every morning makes everything else after that seem easier! As soon as our heads hit the water, we feel alive and connected to ourselves and nature.

Top tip: Find time each week to do something that allows you to de-stress and recharge. It can be anything from reading a book, to baking a cake, or simply taking a few deep breaths every day.

If you fancy joining us for a sunrise swim, then why not come to our Swimrise event this Sunday 6th May! We’ll be meeting at The Happy Pear in Greystones at 5.15am and going for a swim at Ladies’ Cove on Greystones beach at 5.30am! There’ll be free tea and treats after the swim, and the café will be open for brekkie after too!

So bring a little happiness into your life and start your Sunday in a magical way! We hope to see you there!

If you’re looking for more of our happiness tips, as well as lots of easy and delicious plant-based recipes, then be sure to check out our new book Recipes for Happiness, which is now available in all good bookstores nationwide. You can also catch us at the SuperValu WellFood tent at WellFest 2018 in association with KBC. Tickets available at wellfest.ie