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3 ways to harness you inner creativity

Think you’re not a creative type? Think again, everyone is creative says Georgie Browne, you just need to harness it

Ok, here it is; there is no such thing as the “creative type”. You are creative. Creativity is your inner light – and once it’s sparked you can change your entire life. It always starts as a glimmer, and YOU have full control of whether that creative spark fades away, or blazes brightly every day.

Feeling stuck is something we can all relate to at times. It can happen in any area of your life, and when it does, it isn’t fun. It’s not just writers who struggle with writers’ block,o r musicians who sometimes need the help of a muse.

We all create every single day, whether you are a mom wanting to jazz up the kids’ lunches, a hairdresser planning a new look, or an accountant cooking the books! Here are my top three strategies to keep your creative juices flowing.

Be of service

First and foremost be of service. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you get ordained next week! You don’t need to commit to life as a martyr to do good for the world!

When you create think primarily about why you are creating, focus on who you are creating for, and the way you want to impact them.

Step out of the ego-driven mind-set. Stop focusing on how many likes and views your post has generated, and don’t get carried away with ideas purely with the hope of making a quick buck. Being of service can be as simple as telling a joke or sharing a funny story to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Keep it positive

We live in a world of abundance and to keep your creative spark lit up it’s is essential to focus on the good!

It easy to become overwhelmed with the many problems facing us. And, it is abundantly clear that we have plenty of work to do; luckily there are beautiful ways to make better choices.

New ideas to help combat environmental issues are constantly emerging! I’m a big fan of ‘The Form‘ a carbon-neutral company who create beautiful yoga mats from recycled plastic bottles!

Take a leap of faith

Stop looking for validation from the world around you. Your gut instinct is the most powerful force you have. Listen to it, slow down, and tune in to your internal navigation system.

Sitting in meditation allows you time and space to feel the ripple of an idea as it flows from your subconscious mind. Slowing down to acknowledge what YOU truly connect with. In a world of constant stimulation this is a brave and courageous move. And, it’s what you are here for!

Whether your idea is a twinkle in your eye or a persistent thought which wakes you up in the middle of the night, feel into it, acknowledge the exciting rush of endless possibility. Life is too damn short to let your spark fade, go out and create what is in your soul.

Join Georgie’s for her creativity workshop this Saturday at 12.15pm in the WellMind Arena @Wellfest. She will deep-dive into removing creative blocks and give you the tools to work through the creative process in every area of your life!

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