3 of the best food hacks

3 healthy food hacks

Introduce small healthy food hacks to your life and notice how over time the small changes bring about big results.

We’ve discovered the secret to health eating, small changes that bring about big results. Seriously, adopting new small habits will eventually over time turn into a whole new attitude towards food. So here’s three of our favourite food hacks.

Ditch the pine nuts

Pesto adds an extra zing to everything, but pine nuts are expensive. So instead, swop them out for pistachios, which are higher in protein and fibre.

Add the butter beans

If you kick start your day with a smoothie add some white beans to the mix. It sounds gross, but when blended you won’t notice they’re there and they’ll add extra fiber, plant protein, vitamins and antioxidants.

Use coconut oil

Do you roast your veg in olive oil? Yup, us too. But by switching to coconut oil you’re adding extra flavour and coaxing the vegetable’s natural flavours to shine a little more. Add some seat salt if you want to go all out.

5 health hacks that will make a difference