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Try This Hip Mobility Routine If You Have Tight Hips

From running to exercising and yoga to sitting, there’s dozens of reasons our hips tighten. And without proper stretching and care they can cause trouble in time. Here, Brian O’Loughlin shares his hip mobility routine.

Instead of asking if you suffer with “tight” hips, the more revealing question to ask is: How often do you move your hips through their full range of motion?

Many people have perceived tightness, as the body is simply giving you the stability that you lack. Remember, the body gets good at what you do. Or don’t do.

So, show the body you have the necessary control. Through movement.

All of the fish oils in the world will not improve your joint health if you never move your joints the way they were intended to be moved.  The body is craving movement. So give it more.

Begin incorporating this hip routine every single morning for the next 4 weeks.  It will take you no more then 10 minutes. You can use it as a warm up before the gym or before you play sport. You can do it just before you go to bed to finish your day if you prefer.

The key is to be consistent and do it every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Movement 101 studio is based in Swords. They provide indivdual in person movement assessment and programs. They recently launched an online mobility program called Mobile 4 Life. You can check the guys out on Instagram @brian_movement101/@rob_movement101.

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