holiday digestion hacks

3 Holiday Digestion Hacks

Take the hassle out of traveling abroad by packing wisely before you go, here’s three digestion hacks that will make all the difference

Being out of your normal routine on holiday can cause digestive issues and difficulty sleeping. You’re probably also eating less fruit and veg as you’re rightly enjoying yourself so it’s handy to have a boost of nutrients to hand. Thankfully Terranova is here to support you through your holidays with these three supplements. Think of them as your holiday digestion hacks!

Terranova Digestive Enzyme Complex with Probiotics

On holidays we easily eat unfamiliar, rich food and possible contaminated ice or water. Sometimes there’s no avoiding it but fear not, this new digestive enzyme from Terranova is a convienent 2 in 1 combination of digestive enzymes with probiotics. Taking one to two capsules before a big meal may prevent uncomfortable digestive symptoms and support friendly gut flora. This product also contains a beautiful array of plant ingredients such as fennel, ginger and cardamom. Like all Terranova products, it is 100% additive free and suitable for vegans.

Terranova Life Drink Sachets

This once a day sachet provides you with important vitamins and minerals to support overall health and can be conveniently added to water or juice. Each 12g serving contains a balanced protein blend, a superfood blend of spirulina and chlorella, a selection of powergreens including kale and wheatgrass, a selection of power berries such as acai and aronia, an Omega 3,6,9 blend of flaxseed, borage and olive oils,freeze dried medicinal mushrooms and a digestive blend of probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. It’s an all in one powerhouse sachet that is ideal for traveling in the car, taking on a plane or having it in your bag.

Terranova Smooth Mag Sachets

Terranova Smooth Mag Complex Powder is a highly absorbable Magnesium bisglycinate and citrate blend with added avena sativa, rice bran solubles and tart cherry. Magnificent magnesium has a number of health benefits including to calm nerves, aid sleep and relieve muscle soreness and spasms. A Smooth Mag sachet is delicious mixed with warm milk or milk alternative, ideally in the evening or after an energetic day exploring your holiday surroundings.

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