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5 Of The Best Holiday Hacks

Heading on holliers soon? Then you need to think about more than how to get yourself there and how to keep in shape while away. You also need to think about how to protect your hair and nails. So you need some holiday hacks!

Exposure to high temperatures and spending long days sunning yourself while on holiday can have damaging effects on hair and nail health. The sun can leave your hair and nails feeling dry, damaged and brittle. IMEDEEN the skin, hair and nails expert, has shared their top holiday hacks to ensure hair and nails health doesn’t suffer while enjoying the summer rays.

Coconut oil treatment

Use this thick butter – like oil as a hair mask to help keep the hair moisturised when spending a lot of time in the sun –  it also gives the hair a great shine and it smells delicious! Massaging coconut oil into the hair root can also help with a dry scalp which can often occur when enjoying tropical weather.

Nail protection

Just like the skin, nails can also be affected by high temperatures. Using sunscreen on the cuticles and nails can help to avoid sunburn. Ensure that the nail varnish used while on holiday contains UV absorbers, to protect the nails. Most brands carry UV absorber varnish in their range so they are easy to get your hands on.

Sun hat

The easiest way to protect the hair and scalp while lying by the pool, is by wearing a sun hat.  The wider the brim, the more protection you get.  Lighter colours work best at reflecting the sun, keeping you and your hair cool in the heat. It’s also a great way to accessorise the perfect beach or poolside look!

Chlorine tips

Chlorine can cause havoc with the hair while on holidays, the pool cleaning agent is used to kill germs in the water- imagine the damage it does to your hair and nails. It’s more difficult for chlorine to absorb in to wet hair so a good tip is to rinse your hair before taking a dip. On finishing your swim it’s always a good idea to pop some coconut oil on your hair to avoid it drying out and moisturise your nails and cuticles.


The secret to great hair and nails comes from within. Diet and exercise can affect the appearance of healthy hair and nails particularly when spending time in a warmer climate. Taking IMEDEEN Hair & Nails is a great way to help build protection from the inside out and helps to maintain healthy looking hair and nails while enjoying the sunshine.


IMEDEEN Hair & Nails is stocked in selected pharmacies nationwide RRP €24.99



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