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10 Day Home Yoga Challenge

There’s something about yoga classes that can be very daunting. The expectation that everyone will be super flexible doing advanced poses can turn people off before they even roll out a mat. So what can you do if you want to start a yoga practice but are too intimidated by a studio to join a group class? Why not practice at home starting with this home yoga challenge?

If you don’t know where to start, Ruth Delahunty has devised a simple challenge to get you moving. Think of it as 10 x 10, ten minutes every day for ten days.

This challenge will give you a good understanding of what a yoga class entails and where your practice is at. Once you’ve figured out the basics you’ll feel more confident to join a class and progress your practice even further. Or, you may realise yoga isn’t for you at all. In which case, the search continues.

Check out the illustrations at the bottom of the page for more direction, but for now, here’s the benefits of a home yoga practice.

Suit your needs

Developing a home practice can sometimes feel a bit daunting to yogis of all levels of experience. You may feel overwhelmed by what pose to do next. How long to hold a pose, or how long to practice for. We’re here to help take the enigma out of sequencing. And show you the many benefits you can get from a simple 10 minute daily practice with this 10 day home yoga challenge. With an added promise that your home practice will become your best friend, and your most important supportive routine to stay balanced – physically and mentally, in your own space and in your own time.

Keep it simple

Most days my home practice is 10 minutes of a very simple sequence. I spend longer in downward facing dog and move slowly through my sun salutations. In your home practice you can flow at your own pace and listen carefully to how your muscles are feeling. Your body reacts differently to the practice from day to day, and from hour to hour. What feels tight in the morning might feel more open in the evening, and visa-versa. Take time to slow down, move with your breath, and stay in the poses a little longer to explore where you feel the stretching and strengthening actions.

Get started

All you need is a yoga mat and enough space to roll it out! Bricks and blocks can be handy props but they’re not essential to get started. You can do these short sequences at anytime of the day. The sun salutation is a great place to start – it has an array of movements that strengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups. The repetition is very calming and helps to link your breath with the movement. At the end of your practice remember to always take Savasana for a minute or two to assimilate your practice and re-enter your day gently. Most importantly enjoy your time on the mat!

The 10 day home yoga challenge

The sun salutation

Home yoga challenge
Home yoga challenge The sun salutation

Days 1 – 5

Home yoga challenge
Home yoga challenge days 1-5

Days 6 -10

Home yoga challenge
Home yoga challenge days 6-10

Ruth Delahunty is a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher and founder of Yogaru.ie, a yoga lifestyle website that promotes a yoga way of living both on and off the mat. For more information visit yogaru.ie

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