how to beat imposter syndrome

How to beat imposter syndrome

New research has round that 60% of women lack confidence in the workplace, so how can we beat imposter syndrome?

Put simply, imposter syndrome is a feeling that you’re not good enough or that you don’t deserve your own success. Sure it can be frustrating, but worst of all, imposter syndrome is actually holding women back from reaching their full potential. So how can you beat imposter syndrome?

Develop a strong community of women

Women support other women, so try to surround yourself with a strong network of professional women. These women don’t necessarily have to be your closest friends, but you do need to trust that they have your best interests at heart. It also helps if they’ve known you in the workplace or have an understanding of your sector. These are the women you turn to when you’re struggling with confidence or need to make a big decision.

Avoid comparison on social media

We now that social media can be harmful to our mental health, but if you constantly spend your time comparing your career path to that of somebody else you’re never going to feel confidence in what you’ve achieved. This isn’t about being better than somebody, it’s about not giving air time to doubts and letting them spiral when you compare them to others.

Celebrate the wins

Have you had a good day? Won a big contract? Then celebrate! By celebrating the wins you’re going to build your confidence bit by bit, which will turn into a bank of confident memories you can turn to when moments of doubt creep in. And those moments will creep in. Celebrating the wins is a much more positive habit than commiserating your failures.

Upskill if you need to

Ask yourself why you’re constantly feeling like an imposter? Are there areas of your role that you need to upskill in? Perhaps financials aren’t your thing? Or you don’t really understand the IT your company uses. If you’re unsure of one particular area then admit that and upskill. It will show commitment to the role and help boost your confidence.

Accept your short comings

You can’t be good at everything. You may be able to gain an understanding of financials but that doesn’t mean it will be your area of expertise, and  that’s ok. By admitting that you can’t do everything you’ll start to feel more confident in the areas you do excel in.

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