how to do a pushup

How To Do A Pushup: This One Hack Will Change Everything

Push ups, chin ups and handstand presses are all basic gym #goals. But do you know how to do a pushup. Properly?

First things first, a pushup is a full body exercise, it’s not just about the upper body. Think about it, you start from a plank position, which is in itself a full body workout.

Form is everything

Instead of pushing up and down and tiring yourself out, work the whole body. Come into a good plank, keep your core and glutes engaged and then try to lower down and lift back up. It might feel harder, but this is what a proper push up should feel like. Also, imagine you’re squeezing a walnut between your shoulder blades. Keeping your shoulders enagaged will help protect your rotator cuffs.

Try this hack

Instead of starting with your knees on the ground with the intention of building your upper body strength, try putting your hands on a bench. Over time, you can work towards lowering the bench until you eventually place your hands on the ground. Building up this way means you’re working your ass and core, building strength all over which

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