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How To Turn Your Passion For Wellness Into A Business

Have you always dreamt of owning your own wellness business but you’re not sure where to start? Then these five tips from wellness business coach Vicky Shilling are for you

Do any of these describe you? 

  • You really love fitness and your friends are always asking you for tips. 
  • You’re constantly in the kitchen creating healthy recipes and inspiring your work colleagues. 
  • You’re a yoga addict and you want to share your love with more people. 

If so, there may be a question that’s crossed your mind:

With all this passion for health… could you turn it into a business? 

As a coach for wellness entrepreneurs my answer to this question is a resounding yes you can. But there are a few steps you need to go through first to get there…

5 top tips for starting a wellness business

  1. Start sharing now

All businesses are grounded in great connections and an audience to sell to. 

The best way to work out what your wellness business could be and start growing customers, is to start sharing right now. 

Choose one social media platform to focus on and show up regularly to share your passion. 

Whether it’s pictures, videos, your thoughts on a particular trending health issue that’s in the news or a review of a class or festival you’ve been to – start a conversation and get known for being an advocate in your chosen area. 

  1. Ask people already doing it

If you’ve got lots of passion but you’re not quite sure what a business could look like, a great way to work it out is to ask people already working in the industry. 

Everyone loves to chat about themselves and their journey, so just ask! 

Whether it’s someone who’s already a yoga instructor or someone who’s created their own healthy food product, find out how they did it and what tips they would have for you getting started. 

  1. Get clear on what you’ll offer

A business that doesn’t have a clear product or service isn’t really a business – it’s a hobby. And hobbies are great, but they don’t bring in money. 

If you’re really keen to turn your passion for wellness into your career then you need to get clear on what it is you’ll do and who your ideal customers are that are going to pay you to provide it. 

Sharing online, attending events and chatting to existing business owners are all great ways to identify if there’s a gap or a niche in the market that’s not being served, or a particular area you really feel called to focus on. From there you can start to shape an idea of what your product or service will be to really serve your people. 

  1. Take a course or get a qualification

Most areas of health and wellness will require you to have some sort of training or qualification. It’s not essential but it really boosts your confidence and skills if you learn from experts. It also gives you a network from which you can get support, guidance and advice in the future. 

Especially if you’re in full-time work, now is a great time to take some of your earnings and train yourself up in a new field. Just remember to keep sharing and build that audience at the same time through a blog or social media. 

However, I would also say – don’t get stuck on this bit! 

I see a lot of people with huge passion for wellness get stuck feeling they “just need one more course” or “just one more qualification” in order to serve others. Usually what you already know is more than enough to help people a few steps behind. 

  1. Believe, even though you’ve never done it before

The missing part for most people when it comes to taking the plunge and turning their passion into a business is one thing: belief. 

You have to believe in yourself and your business idea 100%, even when, right now, you have no evidence at all that it’s possible. 

Creating your own business is a huge learning process. Aside from all the technical skills and know-how you’ll gain along the way, the most important things you’ll discover are your own strengths and weaknesses and how mindset plays the biggest part in business success.  

Build a really strong sense of self-belief that will ensure your business isn’t just a dream, but becomes a reality when you put the work in. 

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Vicky Shilling is the wellness entrepreneur coach, helping people with a passion for health turn their business ideas into reality. 

If you want to start your own wellness business you can download Vicky’s Just Start Now checklist of 10 essential steps you can start taking action on right now. 

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