Can This New Gadget Really Improve Your Sleep?

We’re all obsessed with sleep. Everyone is sleep deficient and is on the hunt for the elusive perfect night’s sleep, so can a new gadget really help us?

Well yes, if you believe the sciene behind it. The new Wellbeing Pod from NEOM promises to deliver just the right amount of essentials oils to aid the perfect night’s sleep. While also purifying the air around you.

How does it work?

As you inhale each essential oil blend, the scent travels to the hypothalamus. A gland in your brain responsible for releasing the hormones which control your basic instincts and emotions. At the hypothalamus, your body is most attracted to the essential oil blend that it needs – revealing whether you need to focus on sleep, stress relief, energy or happiness at that moment.

Wellbeing Pod and Oils New Creative

What do I need to know?

  • The Pod is equipped with low energy LED lights and a night light making it perfect for both day and night.
  • It has a timer with settings for continuous, one, two and three hours.
  • Humidifies the air around you whilst transforming your home with natural scent.
  • It’s available online or at Brown Thomas for €105. The oils are priced from €24.

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