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Can Increasing Weights Improve Your Fitness Game?

You work hard in the gym right? Yet you’re still not seeing the sort of results you want. Did you ever think it’s because you’re not being consistent with your weights? Is increasing weights the solution?

What’s your attitude to weights like? Do you play fast and loose with the amounts, dependent on how you’re feeling on any given day? Well according to experts this might not be right the right way to see small improvements. Instead, they suggest making incremental changes every two to four weeks, often jumping up to 5lbs at any given time. As long as your form can take it.

“In order to make progress in your fitness, you shouldn’t stay stuck in the same spot for too long,” says Tom Lavoie, Fitness Together trainer, owner, and operator. “You need to make incremental increases between each set in order to put enough stress on your body for it to respond and react, which in turn increases strength and builds muscle.”

“One of the main principles of fitness is overload,” says Riley O’Donnell, a trainer at The Fhitting Room, a New York-based fitness studio. “The moment you master one weight, it’s time to move up to the next. Five pounds can make a huge difference, especially in unilateral movements where you’re working one side of your body,” she says. “But you need to work on mastering that five pounds before you can get up to 10.”

Why form matters?

What does she mean by master? Well, that your form stays the same and that you’re giving yourself time to recover. Sure, jumping up in 5lbs will feel great but if you’re not staying true to form and ensuring you’re working out in a safe manner then you’re going to just injure yourslf. So, before you decide to increase ask a friend, trainer or staff member to take a look at your form. If they have any suggestions stay working at your current level until you feel ready to try again.

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