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Talking To… Kino MacGregor

Kino MacGregor believes that even five minutes a day of yoga is enough to bring about extreme change. So we decided to see what else she believes in

On her yearly trips to Dublin, Kino MacGregor teaches weekend workshops that are spoken about for weeks after. An Ashtanga advocate, Kino believes that yoga really is for all.

What’s your advice for those who are intimidated by the yoga they see on social media but would love to start a practice?

Yoga on social media can be really intimidating.  It can feel like everyone is always doing handstands and advanced poses while wearing expensive clothes in exotic locations. The reality of yoga is much more humble. It’s just a practice, it happens between you and your breath. Find a good teacher online that you can relate with. Practice accepting and loving your body as you are.

What has yoga taught you?

Yoga has taught me how to love and accept myself and my whole world. Yoga has lead me to true spiritual realization, a dawning of inner light.

Does a daily practice have to be a full 90 minute flow or are there other ways to practice?

You can practice for as little as 5 minutes a day or as long as you want. So many people think it has to be a 90 minute practice or it doesn’t count. Well that’s just not true. As long you’re breathing and on your mat y it can change the quality of your life.

The same is true with yoga poses. You never have to succeed at the poses to experience the transformation of yoga. All you need to do is try, do you best and grow along be way.

What brought you to Ashtanga yoga in the first place?

I was yearning to live a more peaceful life. Ashtanga yoga offered me a path of healing.

What’s your favourite pose?

I love all the poses but I love my handstands because they have taught me so much.

How do you manage to balance your practice and your business and your personal life? Do you keep them apart or are they all completely intertwined?

My personal practice is a space of prayer and the depth of my inner experience is the foundation for everything I do in life. My business is built around a desire to take the message of yoga to people all over the world. The deeper I go in my own journey the more I have to share.

Why did you set up Omstars? Was it important to you to bring yoga to those who, for whatever reason, can’t attend classes?

The dream of Omstars is about making the tools of traditional yoga available to all. We bring the power and depth of the ancient techniques of yoga to real students all over the world. In a world where yoga can seem all about the pose, we are a platform for spiritual seekers. Yoga is a path of inner light and divine realization. We are the bridge for students to find their way into the lifelike journey that is yoga.

Do you ever get lonely travelling? How do you manage being away from home?

I enjoy travel and I am so thankful for the blessing of seeing the world through the lens of yoga. I do miss home and maybe in the future I’ll be home more.

What can people expect to get from your workshops this weekend?

People can expect a paradigm shift in their practice, for their hearts to open and for a little spark of inner light to be kindled in their heart.

Join Kino this weekend as she teaches an Ashtanga immersion from Friday, September 7 – Sunday, September 9. More information can be found here

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