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Speaking To… Lorraine Keane About Menopause

As part of menopause awareness month, we chat to Lorraine Keane about hormones, menopause and getting older

So many women are not aware that their hormone health affects their mood, energy levels and much more. Also, many women in Ireland don’t talk about hormone health with their friends or partners with many suffering in silence and dealing with hormone imbalance symptoms on their own. So we caught up with Lorraine Keane to learn about her experiences

Why do you think it’s important for women to learn about their hormone health?

Our hormones affect everything in our bodies and therefore are vital to our physical and mental health. To live your best life, it is imperative you look after your hormone health. There are various options out there to help us to be our best selves. If we don’t educate ourselves, we are simply suffering in silence. Knowledge is key. It is so important that we have this conversation and take action to help ourselves through this time.

When did you start realising the impact hormones were having on you?

From a very young age, as a teenager, I knew my hormones affected my wellbeing. I suffered from PMS and at different times during the month, I would have less energy and feel less happy in myself. I knew these feelings were hormone-related but no one discussed hormones back then, so I just accepted it and plodded along.  I think girls and boys should be educated from puberty on the vital function of our hormones, how they affect us and how to deal with them. Puberty is a difficult time for any young person with bodily changes and hormonal changes that happen in that first stage of our hormonal journey. I wish I had The Essential Guide to Female Hormones by Cleanmarine when I was growing up.

Why did you decide to start working with Clean Marine?

It was nearly four years ago now. At first, I was reluctant, after all, it was a menopause campaign (laugh). However, I had to be true to myself. I was asked to try the product and it worked; I was suffering from what I now know was perimenopause.  I thought ‘If I don’t talk about it, who will?’. I’m from a large family – it takes a lot to embarrass me – I wanted to help other women and girls.  Over the past few years, I am constantly amazed by the women who approach me to thank me for speaking out and helping them to recognise their symptoms too.  It was the right decision.

What differences have you noticed since you started taking Clean Marine?

I feel more balanced mentally and emotionally, I am sleeping better, I have more energy, my skin, hair and nails have improved, and I fancy my husband again!

What’s the biggest thing you learned about hormone health?

That is exists through all life stages! That like every other type of health you can have good or bad. And that there are very easy ways and steps to take to have balanced, happy hormones. The Essential Guide to Female Hormones – the first of its kind in Ireland – is a fabulous little book with everything you need to know to have good hormone health from puberty to post-menopause. It’s Free in Health Stores and Pharmacies

What would people be surprised to know about this campaign?

I think people were surprised that I came out to talk about my hormone health and early perimenopause as I’m not one to talk about anything that suggests I’m getting older. I’m in total denial of the ageing process.

But I just couldn’t ignore this. I was sad and cross with myself for not knowing more and suffering in silence for so long. I’m a mother of two girls, I have 5 sisters, I really don’t want any girl or woman to suffer unnecessarily anymore so I knew we had to start having the conversation. Now we have a Hormone Health Roadshow with four events around the country this October, and a Book Club Pack to get the women of Ireland started talking about their hormone health. See Cleanmarine.ie for event details or email [email protected] for your book club pack.

Did you find diet impacted your hormone health?

Of course. The better I ate, the better I felt; however, this is not always easy with a busy schedule. Talking Cleanmarine Menomin has helped me keep things in balance every day. It is a Multivitamin and Omega 3 blend, formulated for hormone health containing the nutritional ingredients we need to have in our diets to live healthier, longer – things we may not be getting in our food every day. I take great comfort in that.

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