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Five Minutes with… Maeve Madden

WellFest regular Maeve Madden has teamed up with Camile Thai to create a delicious and zesty ginger gluten-free stir fry. We caught up with the woman herself to pick her brains about motivation, cooking and being honest on social media

Maeve Madden has created a delicious dish which is exclusively available in Camile restaurants right now. Commenting on the partnership Maeve says: “I’m so excited to partner with Camile! As someone who has intolerances, I have to watch what I eat, especially if I’m eating out or getting a takeaway – my dish is not only delicious, it’s packed with nutritional vegetables. I want people to enjoy my stir-fry and not have to worry about how they will feel afterwards.”

What ingredients could you not live without?

Maldon sea salt, coconut oil, Pip & Nut almond butter and a good olive oil.

What’s your favourite five minute meal?

 Greek Salad, so fresh and delicious and super quick to make.

What would people be surprised to see in your fridge?

Nuts. I always keep my almonds in the fridge, I feel it keeps them fresher longer.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Camile Thai?

I love Thai food and it is more often than not my go to takeout. I was so excited to collaborate to create a meal for take out that is deliciously healthy, and most importantly gut friendly.

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When you really don’t want to work out how do you motivate yourself?

Thats a tough one, I always schedule my workouts into my days, so it’s part of my routine. If I don’t feel like going just because I’m being lazy I make a deal with myself that I’ll go for 15 minutes and if I still feel crap I can go home, but that never happens. No one ever regrets a workout.

You’ve been very open on social media about your health issues, how has the response been?

Fantastic, I’m so happy to be a women’s health advocate. Sharing my story is reassuring for others going through the same thing, but also creates awareness for conditions many haven’t heard of.

 What’s your favourite comfort food?

Irish black pudding on soda bread with lots of Irish butter.

What do you do when you want to relax and take some time for yourself?

Self care Sundays! Usually I just chill in my room, organising and decluttering with a homemade hair mask. It’s like a mini fresh start.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

What is for you won’t pass you and that it’s never too late to begin.