Manifesting for beginners

Manifesting For Beginners: 6 Steps To Success

If you’re treating September like a new year, then now is the time to do some manifesting. And if you don’t know where to start, here’s our manifesting for beginners guide

Manifesting sounds great, come up with an idea and throw it out to the universe, right? Well no. Manifesting takes effort and commitment. Check out our manifesting for beginners guide if you’re not sure how best to go about it.

Manifesting for beginners


Think outside the limits you’ve put on yourself. Have you always told yourself you couldn’t run a marathon? Well why not? Everybody has to start somewhere so if you train properly and put in the work why can’t you run a marathon? Likewise, if you want to move careers, buy a house or change your life around, what’s stopping you? At this stage you’re not looking for steps and plans, you’re just looking for the end goal you can work backwards from.

Set your intentions

And set them in writing! Once you’re set your sights on your dreams, it’s time to get to work. So, set your intentions. And be specific. Instead of saying ‘I want to run’, say I want to run a marathon in 2020. Putting deadlines against your intentions help you imagine yourself actually doing them. Setting plans for three, five or ten years time are also worthwhile, but the short term goals are the ones that will keep you going.

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Keep your eyes open

If you truly believe in manifestation, the universe will help you along the way. Keep your eyes open for coincidences or signs that things are moving along. Something like a friend mentioning a book aimed at achieving your goal or a colleague inviting you to a night out if you’re hoping to meet a partner. The only word of warning here is to practice detachment so you don’t start seeing signs in things that aren’t there. Something that’s easy to do when you’re excited about a new project.

Keep in touch

Manifesting is like everything, and requires effort. You can’t just throw an intention into the universe and hope everything will be taken care of. Instead you need to nuture it. So, make checking in with your intention a weekly ritual. Maybe you can meditate over your intentions on the commute? Or think about it while gardening? It doesn’t have to take up much time but giving your intention time and attention will help you stay focussed on the goal.

Notice your progress

You’re not going to wake up one morning in love or suddenly able to run 10k, so it’s important to pay attention to the gradual improvements that happen over time. Every time you take a step closer to your intention take stock. Just remember to be a little flexible. Maybe your goal won’t look exactly how you imagined it to, and that’s ok! Trust that the universe knows best.

Do your part

Put in the effort! You can’t expect to win the lotto if you don’t buy a ticket, and the same principle. Achieving goals takes effort, and while the universe will certainly help, it can’t do all the work. So, do your part. Take baby steps in the right direction and open yourself up to change.

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