Platinum Pilates Milena Byrne

Business Banter: Milena Byrne from Platinum Pilates

This week we speak to Milena Jaksic Byrne from Platinum Pilates about finding balance, finding the perfect team and finding the right accountant

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since launching Platinum Pilates?

I think my biggest learning to date is that my team need to believe in the purpose of the business just as much as I do. They need to live and breathe its values. I think that keeps the culture authentic and true to the brand.

If you could go back and do something, differently would you?

I don’t think I would to be fair. Most of the lessons I’ve learned along the way have been from what you might call failures and I think if you don’t meet speed bumps along the way it’s not much of an adventure.

What was the biggest thing to surprise you while setting up Platinum Pilates?

Tax! I’m very lucky to have an incredible accountant who I trust with my life and who I learn so much from. But the amount of tax you must account for in business is quite a shocker to someone who comes from a PAYE scenario.

Did you learn anything about yourself?

I learned that I’m incredibly stubborn and that I don’t like asking for help. I really like figuring things out on my own terms.

How do you manage to maintain any level of work life balance? Is it hard to switch off?

I don’t think anyone who owns their own business ever switches off. Setting up a business is like becoming a parent and your business is just like a child. It becomes part of you and who you are. That said, I make sure I balance family life, personal time out and work.  I’ve three girls who I adore spending weekends with. I find time to exercise most days and I keep my self-stimulated with personal development as well.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Consistency is the key to managing both people and business. I was very grateful to be part of the Going for Growth Community and have learnt a huge amount for this incredible forum of Women Supporting Women.

What piece of advice would you pass on now to something else who’s noticed a gap in the market?

Follow your gut instinct. If it feels right and you believe your purpose will impact in a positive way and will be of real value, then go for it.

Have you always believed in Platinum Pilates?

Yes, I have always believed. I’m hugely fascinated with the body and how resilient it is and how it can adapt and change when needed. My passion has always been about teaching people about their own bodies as I believe that’s the key to empowering people to make positive change. Platinum Pilates has given me that platform to get that message out.

Of course, I’ve had days when I’ve thought, everything is uphill, but I work with a talented team of people who raise me up on those days.

What’s next?

We are just on the cusp of opening our seventh studio in Honey Park, Glenageary and heading for north of Dublin next year.

We’ve also just launched three physiotherapy suites in our Rathmines, Clonskeagh and Lesson Street studios offering a full rehabilitation service.

For more information visit platinumpilates.ie