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5 Motivational Hacks To Exercise In This Heat

If you’re struggling to maintain an exercise routine during the heatwave then you need to check out our motivational hacks.

Call then whatever you will, but we know that we seriously need to shake up our workouts at the moment if we want to stay on track. It’s just too hot to train like we used to. Which is where these motivational hacks come in.

Change up your routine

A change in weather means a change in routine, so it makes sense we need to update our workout to fit in with that. If you’re used to working out in the evening, it can be hard to stay motivated when the sun is shining. So why not try to fit in some exercises before work? Look at the parts of your workout that doesn’t need equipment and do that at home before work. Adapting your workout to your routine means you’re much more likely to stick with it. Training needs to be flexible if it’s to remain a part of your lifestyle.

Grab a pal

This is nothing new, but we all know that working out with a friend helps us stay accountable. Grab a pal and get training, or chat to your mates and see how they workout. If they do something you don’t, ask if you can tag along. Not only will you have company but you might also discover a new passion.

Tweak your playlist

Same songs, same tempo, same workout. If you want to shake things up then you need to update your playlist. Or opt for something altogether, if you normally listen to music why not try listening to a podcast? New workout, new options.

Update your vision

Why are you working out? Are you working towards a personal goal or is it just to maintain an over arching sense of wellness? If you’re not working for a specific goal maybe it’s time to find one? Working towards a goal helps with motivation.

Find balance

Ask yourself if you’re enjoying your workouts. The body changes throughout the year and maybe summer isn’t a time for you to push yourself. Listen to your body and try to find the right balance for you.



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