WellFest 2018

Naked’s Tent is Back at WellFest

The Naked Tent is back at WellFest this year, and is definitely not to be missed. Expect the old, the new, firm favourites, and exciting new fitness crazes – not to mention some delicious, Power.Full Naked smoothies!

After a whirlwind success at last year’s WellFest, the Naked Tent is returning to Ireland’s largest health, fitness and wellness festival – bigger, better and more Power.Full than ever before!

The Naked Tent will be doing what it does best. Bringing you unique and exciting fitness classes, alongside delicious complimentary smoothies for you to enjoy.

“Naked Juice is continuing to reinvigorate the Irish market by introducing delicious new ways to enjoy the taste of fruit and vegetables, and we’re so excited about our partnership will WellFest this year,” explains Liz Finlay, Brand Manager of Naked.

“Naked Juice is famous for its first-to-market, on-trend ingredients like Protein and Coconut Water, so teaming up with the latest on-trend fitness crazes was a natural fit for us. We want to get the nation powered up for the summer!”

And while you’re getting powered up at the Naked Tent, taste the delicious flavours of of our Mango machines.  Or why not try the Protein Tropical? Full of pineapple, coconut, banana and 10g of whey and soy protein, this little bottle will keep you kicking ass all weekend long!

Here’s a snapshot of what else to expect:

The world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious fun of playing the drums is back at the Naked Tent for a second year running.

All about energy, letting loose and toning up, this fitness craze combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and Pilates-like movements – so, if you’re looking for a full body workout – POUND® is certainly one to try.

This year, lucky festival goers are in for a treat as CEO and Co-Creator of POUND®, Kristen Potenza, will take to the stage. Expect tonnes of energy, a great workout and pumping tunes!

Better yet, it’s suitable for everyone! As long as you’re ready to move along to the beat, prepare to unleash your inner rockstar!

Fearless Moves
Do you love Choons, Chats & Fun? Well then this one is for you! In just four short months, Fearless Moves have certainly made a splash in the Irish fitness scene, with each monthly class selling out in no time.

Headed up by Julie Blakeney, a self-described “reformed couch potato turned fitness fanatic”, Fearless Moves combines HIIT workout sessions and music to create something choon-tastic.

So expect Beyoncé squats, Maniac 2000 dance moves and Naomi Campbell crawls, all while reaping the benefits of exercise. That sounds like fitness made easy!

And while you’re working out, Naked has got you covered with delicious, complimentary smoothies.

So don’t miss out! Get your tickets for WellFest 2018 in association with KBC at wellfest.ie