benefits of outdoor workouts

3 reasons to take your workout outdoors

Don’t avoid the gym during this heatwave, just take your workout outdoors to experience a whole host of benefits.

We get it, being stuck in a stuffy gym during this heatwave isn’t exactly appealing, so why not take your workout outdoors? There’s many benefits to moving outside the gym, most notably the chance to try activities you normally shy away from. But what other benefits are to be found in training outdoors?

You can shake it up

You might feel ridiculous but you’ll feel smug come summer’s end when your elevated workouts are starting to show. If you’re walking or running in the park why not stop and do some dips or push ups on a random bench? Want to really challenge yourself? Do a rear-foot elevated split squat by standing in front of the bench and lifting one foot behind you so it’s resting on the bench as you squat.

You’ll confuse your muscles

If you only ever run on the treadmill in the gym, simply swopping your routine to outdoors will still bring about bigger results as it causes muscle confusion. Plus, the new surroundings may spur you on to train longer and harder. We said may do so, ok?

You’ll boost your immune system

If you live or work near a park then head there to train, as study in the International Journal of Immunopathology found that breathing in small amounts of airborne plant chemicals improves your immune responses by 50%. Now that’s better than training indoors in this weather.


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