The New Casual Range From PEP&CO Is All We Want To Wear Right Now

Workout wear doesn’t have to be super expensive, as PEP&CO’s new collection proves

It’s time to drop ‘sweats’ like it’s hot with PEP&CO’s new menswear spring collection and be inspired by the classic crewneck hoody. Stand out by looking totally striking this season, while staying within budget.

Take a look at the collection

Camo Print Hoody €15

Camo print hoody, €15, Pep & Co @ Dealz

Camo Print T-shirt €9

Camo print t-shirt, €9, Pep & Co @ Dealz

Chevron Sweat €10

Chevron sweat, €10, Pep & Co @ Dealz

Grey Hoody €6

Grey hoody, €6, Pep & Co @ Dealz

Love Sweat €7.50

Love sweat, €7.50, Pep & Co @ Dealz

Mesh T-shirt €6

Mesh t-shirt, €6, Pep & Co @ Dealz

No Noise Sweat Top €9

No noise top, €9, Pep & Co @ Dealz

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