Bilateral Workout
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Philly McMahon’s Bilateral Workout

Get moving with Philly McMahon’s bilateral workout. Are you ready?

Today’s WellGood challenge is to work both sides of the body with Philly McMahon’s bilateral workout. 

These exercises will get the heart rate up and are great for increasing all over body strength. You’ll need one dumbbell or kettlebell plus a box, bench or chair.

Here’s how to do it:

8 reps per exercise and 3 rounds of each circuit

Circuit 1

  1. Goblet squat
  2. Landmine rows
  3. Press ups

Circuit 2

  1. Upright row
  2. Knee tuck
  3. Hollow press

Circuit 3

  1. Reaches
  2. Olympic rolls
  3. Spiderman press ups

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