philly mcmahon's recovery tips

Do you take time to recover after you work out? Be honest? We thought as much! So check out Philly McMahon’s recovery tips for the hips and the knees.

As pat of our WellGood series with KBC, Philly takes us through an functional screening test with Colin and Karen from KBC. This test highlights weaknesses in areas such as the hips and knees. Philly then shares his recovery tips for helping those areas.

We all know how important stretching is for our muscles to recover, watch the full video to see Philly’s favourite recovery routine.

With mobility being one of Philly’s fitness fundamentals, foam rolling is a must to help with recovery. Watch first video focusing on the knees above and the second video focusing on the hips below.

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AND if you want to learn some more techniques from Philly, check out his masterclass