Platinum Pilates Ireland WellFest 2019

Platinum Pilates: What To Expect From A Class

Platinum Pilates is returning to WellFest this year, so if you haven’t tried Pilates before how do you know if it’s for you? We went and asked the experts

This article is sponsored by Platinum Pilates

Platinum Pilates is thrilled to be the official Pilates partner at WellFest for the 5th year running. We have loved watching the WellFest journey since its inception, and this year is going to be the best experience yet.

WellPilates in association with Platinum Pilates will feature some of the most exciting classes of the entire festival, with some of Ireland’s most celebrated Pilates instructors.

True to the Pilates’ founder Joseph Pilates teachings, our classes encourage a mindful approach to controlled body strength, with a focus on core postural alignment to help keep the body balanced, while providing support for the spine.

Another major benefit of Pilates is bringing a complete awareness of breath to your body. Breathing, in the correct way, not only keeps us alive but also affects so much more in the body. From lowering stress levels to optimum heart health – proper breathing is essential.

What to expect from your Platinum Pilates class at WellFest?

Expect lots of bending, twisting, leaning and reaching in a safe and structured way. Our classes challenge your body in ways you never thought it could; through controlled movement, tight muscles will loosen, and you’ll discover core muscle strength. Best of all, it’s at your own pace. Taking into account your body’s limitations, which means everyone can take part no matter how stiff or flexible you are. Most of all though, you will have heaps of FUN! Everyone who takes a Platinum Pilates class leaves with a smile on their face.

How do I know if Pilates is for me?

Pilates is for absolutely everyone. All ages, all stages. World-class athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and the Leinster rugby team all swear by Pilates to help with overall sports performance. The Leinster squad train with us twice weekly too. The nature of our Reformer Pilates classes in our studios means you can work to your own rhythm. Choose a class that suits your stage and work at your pace choosing less or more weighted springs to modify each reformer exercise.

We know everyone’s bodies are built differently and move in different ways, so it’s all about working to your maximum capacity without risk of injury. And most of all, having fun and being part of a like-minded community of wellness folk in a shared experience and journey to optimum health.

For more information visit platinumpilates.ie or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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