3 ways to avoid manic mornings

3 Ways To Prevent Manic Mornings

If you tend to start every day in a frantic panic, then maybe you need to adopt a new morning routine? Here’s three ways to prevent manic mornings, none of which are as difficult as you might think

If preparation is key, then planning how you want your morning and subsequently your day to go is one technique to prevent manic mornings. Here’s three others techniques to keep in mind.

Plan to perfection

We all know that feeling of rushing around before you leave the house, trying to find matching shoes and eating breakfast on the go. To avoid any panic first thing simply turn off the TV a little earlier in the evening and use the time to get prepared. This will not only improve productivity and maintain a sense of calm, it will also help to keep other goals on track, such as taking a healthy lunch into work. 

Work it out

Aside from the obvious health benefits, exercise of any form increases other long lasting effects. Immediately after a run, yoga session or brisk walk in the fresh air you will feel wide awake and experience an instant energy boost – thefirst thing fitness can do is to keep your metabolism elevated, helping you to burn more calories throughout the day. After you’ve got those endorphins flowing enjoy a refreshing shower to cool down. 

A moment well spent

Meditation doesn’t need to take hours – even just five minutes is an ideal workout for the mind. When you are more attuned with your thoughts, you will be more positive and it can reduce the stresses of modern life by enhancing levels of focus and perspective. The Headspace and Calm apps are great resources to get your journey started. Here’s to less manic, and more mindful mornings!

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