Protein snacks: pancakes with yoghurt and fruit

Five High Protein Snacks By Glenisk

We know protein is an important part of our diet, but it can be hard to find healthy protein snacks on the go. Which is where Glenisk come in…

Whether you’re training for a high-performance sport or simply trying to maintain a healthy weight, Glenisk is all about food-first nutrition using only 100% natural ingredients. The approach is simple – nothing artificial. Ever.

Among its many other functions, protein is essential for maintaining a healthy muscle mass and in aiding our muscles’ recovery, particularly when we’re leading an active lifestyle or working out. Yogurt is an excellent (and delicious!) source of natural protein. Try it as a snack topped with fresh fruit or granola, in smoothies and in so many other ways

Glenisk’s Irish Strained Protein Yogurt is a great go-to protein source – high in protein, 0% fat, low calorie and deliciously thick and creamy thanks to the milk straining process used.

Here are 5 tasty high protein snacks to keep you fuelled, each using Glenisk’s Irish Strained Protein Yogurt:

Smoked mackerel crush

This smoked mackerel crush by Sinéad Delahunty is low in calories, high in taste and protein! Whip this up after the gym for an instant protein hit and serve on homemade Porridge Bread.

Blueberry booster smoothie

Packed with antioxidants, this blueberry smoothie is a great breakfast or snack option before the gym. You can also make it the night before and leave in the fridge before an early morning session.

Easy protein pancakes

Who doesn’t love protein pancakes?! These low carb pancakes are quick and easy to make . Top with even more delicious yogurt and fresh fruit for more goodness.

Frozen yogurt + fruit bark

Don’t reach for the ice-cream – opt for some frozen protein yogurt instead to help hit your protein intake! Simply add your fruit or toppings of choice, pop into the freezer for a few hours and enjoy as a healthy sweet snack.

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