4 reasons you need to start reformer pilates

4 Reasons You Need To Start Reformer Pilates

Think Reformer Pilates isn’t for you? Think again! Here’s four reasons you need to start Reformer Pilates today

Hand-up who wants to have more energy, be strong enough to take on any kind of sport, feel
positive, and feel great? Then Reformer Pilates is for you

Reformer targets EVERY muscle

The great thing about reformer is that you hit every muscle. It is a FULL body workout in one go. No need to split your training days or double up on workouts in the day, one class fits all. The benefit of that is, everything tones up. While your abs are getting a good work out, so is your chest, arms, legs fingers, toes, EVERYTHING. You’ll walk out of class feeling muscles you didn’t know you had. By targeting multiple muscle groups you tone up the whole body.

Reformer Pilates is ALL core

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want those abs to die for. You can do sit ups at home until you are blue in the face without any progress because the ab area is made up of multiple abs. From transverse to external obliques and everything in between, they all need just as much work. Reformer Pilates hits EVERY part of that area. Every exercise in class involves the core.

The Other Bonus Effects

Reformer Pilates changes your shape. Fact. You will tone-up, get stronger, become leaner, increase your cardio fitness and improve your mental wellbeing. You can add these to other training routines outside the studio. Exercise creates endorphins, endorphins make you happy.

Reformer Pilates burns fat

While we’re not about doing Pilates for weight-loss, the fact is, Reformer Pilates is movement, and movement burns fat. The Reformer can be used in so many different ways that you are unlimited in your training. Our Cardio Jumpboard classes bring high intensity and sweat factor to your workout. Jumping with resistance, safely may we add, allows the heart and lungs to work really hard. This gets your metabolism fired up. It’s fun, energetic, you leave feeling ah-mazing and you’ve fired-up your metabolism.

Damy Redmond, brand manager @ Platinum Pilates. You can find Platinum Physiotherapy at the WellPilates tent with Platinum Pilates giving Physio assessments all weekend on 11-12 May at WellFest 2019 in association with KBC. Remember to book your tickets before we sell out!

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