setting intentions

6 ways to turn an intention into a reality

We may be in the second week of January but for some, it’s only now that we have the scope to think about the year ahead. What do we want to achieve? What do we want to leave behind?
In a nutshell, what do we want 2018 to be? Setting intentions can be an easy way to streamline your goals and ambitions for the year. But what’s the best way to set an intention so it becomes a reality?

What’s an intention?

Firstly we need to understand the difference between a resolution and an intention. A resolution is usually set last minute and focuses on trying to change an undesired habit or accomplish a personal goal. They are often abstract or rushed and therefore usually fail within a few weeks or months.

On the flip side, an intention is an aim. Setting an intention for yourself will offer a more definite approach. A direction of something you want to focus on and improve. An intention allows for re-adjustments from the aim.

A resolution is focused on the final outcome and we assume a clear direct progression to our goal. If we don’t achieve that goal, we have failed. An intention is more focused on the process than the outcome. Being present and being your best each day is the outcome. Confused? Don’t be. Settle down to figure out your intention and go from there. And remember, an intention can be set at any time.

Our intention creates our reality

If you are not sure what your intention is for yourself. Find time to relax, breathe and meditate. When you practice meditation, you are finding time to be still and let your mind be calm. Allowing emotions, thoughts and memories to drift away for a while. When you come into a place of stillness your mind becomes clear. You connect with your true self and so your desires for yourself become clear. This is the place where intentions should be set.

Just remember that meditation takes practice because it takes patience. We must try to allow ourselves to be open to whatever arises – no matter how difficult. It is you in your most authentic self. And from there you can set a powerful intention for your life.

Visualise your future

Once you have an intention write it down and visualise it. Whether that’s an intention for one day or an intention for the entire year.

Just remember to…

  • Be clear and specific
    Know what you want, otherwise the universe will get very mixed up signals and won’t be able to provide what you want.
  • Visualise your intention
    See yourself in that space or feeling. Be as specific with details as you can. You can meditate on your visualisation. You can draw it out on paper or you could create a dream board and hang it in your home/office.
  • Give thanks
    Be grateful when making your intent. Be aware of all the things/people that you are grateful for, acknowledge with a thank you for what will come next, as if you already have it.
  • Let it go
    But I just set my intention, why do I have to let it go? All of the meditation gurus tell us to set an intention and let go of the outcome. Surrender to the universe. Trust the universe. The art of surrender also requires you to be non-attached to the outcome of your intent.
  • Upgrade your life to match your intent
    We must nourish ourselves. We can’t become lazy and hope it will fall into our laps. Meditate and breathe deeply each day. Visualise your intention every day. When we raise our vibration to match our intention, it will be a match.
  • Actions speak
    If you have set an intention to find a perfect music studio to record your music in, you can’t really sit at home and wait for someone to call. Actions in the directions you want to go will let the universe know what you are asking for. Go out and look for one, talk to people about it or put a notice up.

Find the tricky balance of being clear about what you want but staying unattached to it. Be simply aware and open, while keeping your mind focused on the qualities of what you have asked for. Then it will come.


Sinead McKiernan is the founder of Love Yoga and teaches yoga classes, retreats and workshops throughout Galway and Ireland. For more information visit loveyoga.eu