Benefits of spinning

Is spinning good for you?

Spinning is one of those exercises people either swear by, or are a little scared by. And we get it, it can look intense to a beginner. But, did you know that spinning offers a huge array of benefits no matter what level you exercise at? Here’s just some of the benefits you can expect to achieve by adding spinning to your workout.

Firstly, what is spinning? Spinning is a cardio workout. Which is completed on a stationary bike which has varying degrees of tension and intensity making it a workout you can do at a high or low intensity or a mix of both. 

Burn calories

A spin class can burn anywhere upto 500 calories. But this will of course vary depending on the intensity of the workout but it’s definitely a sweat buster!

Increased cardio endurance

Attending regular spin classes can help you build up your cardio endurance. This is very beneficial, especially for those who get out of breath easily from such things as climbing stairs or running for a bus.

Low injury risk

Spinning is a low impact exercise, meaning it doesn’t put too much pressure on the knees and joints compared to other aerobic workouts such as running or jumping. But it is always recommended to stretch prior to a spin class so you don’t pull a muscle.

Great stress reliever

Spinning class can be a great stress reliever, as it’s an intense workout that involves focus. This means you’re fully focused on the workout so other thoughts can’t creep in. It is also known for its social aspects, there is quite the spinning community out there.

Adjustable tempo/intensity

Spinning bikes have adjustable tensions which means you can have a very intense and challenging workout or you can reduce the tension for a lighter session. The instructor will usually indicate the intensity to use throughout the class to ensure you get the most benefit from it.

Spin all year round 

Unlike running or jogging, which lets face it aren’t too pleasant in the depths of winter, you can spin all year round. A spin class is performed indoors and so can be done at any time during the year. Spinning is something that is known worldwide. So no matter where you are you will always find a class nearby. Which means t’s great for those who travel a lot and still want to get a good workout in.


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