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4 Summer Life Hacks To Find Balance While On Holidays

Be it a vacation or a staycation, finding balance while on holiday can be difficult. Here’s four summer life hacks to help you switch off while by the beach.

Modern communication is great when you want to order food on a Sunday afternoon. Or buy a plane ticket of an idle Monday. But when it comes to switching off, modern communication makes it very tricky. Especially when it comes to switching off while on summer holidays. Very few of us stick to our working hours, with employees feeling more pressure than ever before to always be on. We’re checking emails on the commute and bringing work home over a long weekend for fear of creating a backlog.

So how can we find balance while on holiday?

Think of the productivity

This sounds counter intuitive, but taking a break actually increase productivity in the long run. Think of your brain as you would a mobile phone. You wouldn’t expect a phone to fun at full tilt without a break to recharge, and the same goes for us. By taking time away from the office you can recharge your own batteries and return to your job with more enthusiasm and energy.

Preparation is key

Like anything, if you fail to prepare and you may prepare to fail. Help yourself alleviate the stress of being OOO by arranging a handover. Leaving clear instructions for your colleagues and all back up information in case anything should go wrong. By informing and empowering those around you, it’s easier to unwind while on holiday as you know your colleagues are covered for all eventualities.


Colleagues, bosses and clients understand the importance of holidays. So if you’re dreading returning to a mountain of work, why not delegate before you go? Explain to colleagues that you’ll need help when you come back and assign tasks accordingly. Of course this is about swings and round about, so you can’t expect colleagues to give you a dig out if you refuse to help them. Open communication about work loads is only a good thing and may lead to lighter commitments in the future. We said maybe!

Being busy isn’t a competition

Every workplace has one. That one person who’s so busy they can’t make tea or take lunch. And to be honest, we think it’s all just about competition. Working smarter not harder doesn’t mean the quality of work suffers, it means you manage it in an easier way. So remember that the next time you start to lighten the load. Nobody will remember how many holidays you took, but they will all remember the quality of your work.

So go on, book the trip. Put in the holiday form and switch off this summer.



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