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Clothing brands with a difference

We pay attention to what we eat, what we put on our skin and what we do with our spare time. But do you pay attention to what you wear? Or the clothing brands you support? Do you want to just look good or do you want to support a company that supports others? And is it even a choice you have to make anymore?

It’s a big question, and one worth considering when you consider that more and more sustainable fitness brands are popping up. Brands that support the environment, opt for recycled material or give back to their communities. All while producing high quality, high fashion items that look no different to the mass produced versions. Basically, we want to look good and do good.

So, what companies should you be looking out?


An industry leader, Patagonia led the way in terms of producing ethical and transparent clothes. Last year alone the company donated over $6 million to environmental causes. It also uses e-fibers, like organic cotton, merino wool, hemp, and recycled polyester. Plus, it’s moved outside its traditional outdoors / camping options, and now caters for the surfing, hiking and mountain biking crowd. Oh and it was the brand of choice at NYFW for off duty models. Just FYI!

Threads for Thought

Threads for Thought is a full fashion line that as well as offering trend-led items, also has a kicking activewear range. All of which is sustainably produced. So committed to the cause are the founders, that they went on to become a Certified B Corporation. Of this decision they say: “Becoming a B Corp is yet another step we have taken as a brand to live sustainably. B Corps are a growing group of brands and companies that want to use business as a force for good. We are certainly one of those brands & feel that this is a movement that we wanted to align ourselves with.” Think cute crop tops and detail heavy leggings.

Rumi X

If you turn up your nose at the thought of wearing clothes made from recycled plastic, then you need to check out Rumi X ASAP. The brand shreds recycled plastic water bottles to create a sustainable recycled polyester fiber, which is then turned into some seriously stylist sportswear. Other options include upcycled coffee grounds and all are SGS approved, which means they have been tested and verified for safety and quality by the world’s leading inspection and testing company. We particularly love the Hot Yoga range.

Gym + Coffee

An Irish brand as dedicated to building community as to they are to building brand awareness, Gym + Coffee are our ones to watch. They’re focussed on building community and maintaining quality over making a quick profit. In fact, the founders are committed to building a lifestyle brand. A lifestyle that balances being healthy with being social. Where people stretch themselves every day to experience more in life. So we can do that and look good? We’re in Gym + Coffee!


Think organic and recycled clothing which doesn’t sacrifice quality or wearability for sustainability and you’ll find PrAna. Offering clothes and accessories for men and women, the brand offers options for yoga, exploring and travelling. We particularly love with the unisex options, like the Shayne flannel shirt.

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Image: Patagonia