symptoms of dehydration

4 Symptoms of Dehydration That Might Surprise You

Do you drink enough water? Here’s four symptoms of dehydration that might surprise you.

With the heatwave showing no signs of stopping it’s important that we start to look at the effect it’s having. We’re already conscious of the importance of sun protection, but do you know how to tell if you’re dehydrated? Obviously we feel thirsty, but there are so many other symptoms of dehydration we need to recognise.

Health professionals say that when you start to feel thirsty it means you’re 2% dehydrated. Which is the time to start taking action. As a rule of thumb you should always drink water before and after exercise, as it’s not uncommon to loose upwards of 2 litres during 30 minutes of exercise.

If you’re dehydrated your body stops functioning properly. Hydration helps the stomach absorb food, the liver and kidneys work properly and our intestine function.

So what symptoms of dehydration should you look out for?

Bad breath

Bad breath can be caused by dry mouth, which occurs when the body doesn’t have enough water to produce saliva. So the next time you have bad breath, reach for the water bottle before the mint.

Darker urine

When you’re hydrated the water in your body dilutes your urine. If you notice your urine has become darker in colour then it means its more concentrated and you’re dehydrated.


Your digestive system needs water to work properly. Food is carried through your intestine easier when you’re hydrated, so if you’re experiencing constipation it may be because there’s not enough water in your system.


The longer days and heat are impacting on everyone’s sleep patterns, but if you’ve looked at all other areas of sleep hygiene and are still exhausted it could be down to dehydration. When you don’t have enough water in your system your blood pressure drops, the blood flow to your brain slows and your  heart rate increases which can make you feel tired.



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