benefits of gardening

The benefits of gardening

Whether you’re a fairweather gardener or are blessed with green fingers, did you know that gardening is good for your health on every level?

Do you garden? Have you tried? Gardening is enjoying a resurgence lately, and there’s many reasons why this is a good thing. So, what are the benefits of gardening?

Happiness in dirt

There’s a reason people spend time grounding themselves, there’s something incredibly theraputic about getting back to basics, getting your hands dirty and escaping modern life for a little while.

Self satisfaction

Harvesting something you’ve grown from seed to be fully formed is one of the most satisfying thing you can do. It signifies weeks or hard work, patience and most importantly faith. Think of how happy you are when people eat a meal you’ve cooked? It’s that feeling, only a little stronger.

Improved hand strength

These days we only seem to move our hands in the same directions all the time, mostly dependent on tablets, computers and mobile phones. Gardening is a chance to help your hand co-ordination and strengthen muscles you may not utilise otherwise.

Better sleep

Mindfulness is described as doing one thing to the exclusion of all others. It could be meditation, it could be cooking or it could be gardening. If you find yourself zoning out while pottering around the garden now you know why.

Improved heart health

Gardening requires your body to move in all planes, which in turn can help improve your heart health. Which is always a good thing!

Reduced stress

Spending time doing things you love in the outdoors is a proven stress buster. Get other members of the family or your friends to join in and you have a sure-fire way to reduce stress.

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