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The Five Trendiest 2019 Fitness Studio Launches

2019 was the year that going to a workout class with your friends officially overtook going out and partying, on the ‘cool’ scale. Nike Metcons are the new Louboutins, fitness studios are the new nightclubs, and kale smoothies are the new margaritas.

With that, we saw some seriously trendy fitness studios coming on the scene in 2019. Here are 5 of the coolest spots to try out in January.

1. Perpetua Fitness

Fitness studio, CrossFit, Bootcamp

Location: Windmill Lane, Dublin

Specialty: CrossFit, spin, HIIT

Cool Feature: Mojo Health Bar providing plant-based shakes, smoothie bowls and porridge on your way out!

Perpetua is possibly Dublin’s most stylish gym, reminiscent of the fitness studios you see in London, with something to please every kind of fitness fanatic! They have four main specialties: Sweat, Ride, CrossFit and Just Gym.

So what do these four specialties entail? ‘Sweat’ is the wonderfully descriptive name given to their multi-functional HIIT studio. Their signature class is called Tread & Shred and is somewhat similar to a Barry’s Bootcamp style workout.

‘Ride’ is essentially a nightclub on bikes! Picture this: A dark room, neon lights, banging tunes and an ELECTRIC atmosphere, you are guaranteed to leave with the biggest endorphin rush of your life.

CrossFit classes are run very well in Perpetua, especially for beginners. If you have never tried CrossFit before, this could be a great way to start. Choose between CrossFit based personal training, to teach you the fundamentals as you work one-to-one with a coach, and after 3-4 weeks you will be able to ‘graduate’ and take part in the full-blown CrossFit classes, confident and competent in your skills and foundations of the sport. 

Don’t fancy this approach?

They also have a CrossFit Academy, where you commit to training 3 times per week for 2 months with a group of fellow beginners, before graduating to the full CrossFit classes.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough, Perpetua also has a normal ‘Just Gym’ area with all the free weights and machines you could dream of.

More Information available on their website.

2. Reformation

Fitness Studio, Yoga, Pilates

Location: Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Specialty: Pilates, yoga, barre, run club

Cool Feature: Possibly the most instagrammable interior in Dublin

‘Breathe, release, align, move, sweat’ 

Reformation was founded by Lee Tracey and Annie Kirwan, with the goal of covering all your wellbeing and fitness needs under one beautiful roof (and oh boy, is that roof beautiful!).

As well as reformer pilates and many different styles of yoga, this is one of very few fitness studios that offer barre fitness. You can even head outside for a group run (they have 5k and 10k sessions).

Outside of their regularly scheduled classes, Reformation is also host to a number of seriously cool events, from Cacao ceremonies to Yocella, these are not to be missed! They also host teacher training if you are interested in taking your practice to the next level.

And after all the work is done, you can sit in their beautiful space and enjoy being part of the amazing community they have created. (and maybe munch on a few yummy treats during their breakfast club!)

Want to know more? Check out their site!


Fitness studio, spin class

Location: D’Olier Street, Dublin 2

Specialty: Spin

Cool Feature: The tunes!

Echelon is Dublin’s first boutique indoor cycling studio. Every single tiny little detail has been thought of, from the classes, to the coat hooks (not joking – check them out when you visit, they are super cute!). The idea behind Echelon is that it is a high-octane, music driven, immersive indoor cycling experience, with the lights turned down and the music turned all the way up.

The really great thing about this fitness studio is the instructors. They have all undergone intensive, in-house training before they become part of the Echelon team, meaning the standard is super high, and you know you are always going to have a great experience.

And what is our favourite class, I hear you ask?

Why, ‘Let’s Get Fizzical’, of course. Sure who wouldn’t want a glass of prosecco of a Friday evening after a tough workout?!

Find out more and book your class here.

Headon Boxing Academy

Boxing Fitness Studio

Location: Pearse Street, Sandyford, Landsdowne Road

Specialty: Boxing, HIIT

Cool Feature: Train like a real boxer!

‘Get fighting fit without getting hit’ – Sounds like a win-win to us!

Headon Boxing Academy opened their newest location, on Lansdowne Road, in August 2019 and the popularity of this unique workout experience just keeps growing.

The classes consist of the four pillars that make up the foundation of a boxer’s training: Boxing technique, bag work, strength training and cardio. You are guaranteed to be put through your paces, and the adrenaline rush, combined with the incredible community atmosphere, will keep you coming back for more.

For more, check out their website here.

Bike Row Ski

Cardio Fitness Studio

Location: Kinsealy, Glasnevin, Balbriggan, Fairview, Douglas (Cork)

Specialty: Take a wild guess!!

Cool Feature: Heart rate monitors 

2019 saw Bike Row Ski EXPLODE, with multiple new locations opening this year.

As for what you can expect from a class, well, the name says it all, really.

Think of it as a spin class on steroids… Incorporating full body fitness for maximum calorie burn.

The really cool part, is that you will be given a heart rate monitor to wear, so that the coaches can give you solid advice in real time and help you get the most out of your workout (or so you can get super competitive with the person next to you – If that’s what gets you going).

One thing we can say for certain, you have never sweat like this before!

More info available here.

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