Talking to… Trisha Lewis

We caught up with the inspirational Trisha Lewis to discover how she keeps going with her workouts and what’s been the most surprising turn of events

Trisha Lewis has lost six stone, and along the way has gained a tribe of transformers all committed to following her lead.

What made you decide to start prioritising your health?

I  hit rock bottom and I was very down and sad. I hadn’t been happy in a long time and I guess I felt trapped and wanted to be happy and healthy, I was tired of always feeling tired, lonely and upset.

Were you nervous about going to a gym for the first time?

Terrified. At 26 stone I convinced myself I was too big to go to the gym which is the exact place I belonged. I was scared people would laugh at me, stare at me and mock me. I soon realized that was all in my own head. No one cares about you in a gym. Everyone is there for themselves and it’s the nicest environment to be in because people are full of endorphins. All I got was smiles of encouragement and friendly hellos.

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30vs31😊. Yes my clothes fit better now, my stomach doesn’t hang and rest on my thighs, my arms don’t have sores, my neck isn’t stuffed in my shoulders, my hair is healthier, my nails are done but the main difference I feel is inside my head and knowing I’m healthier. It’s clearer now.No one is in there thinking negatively, no one Is telling me I’m gross. I can see the wood from the trees. I can smile without feeling panic straight away that I am obese.I can walk down the street & not worry about people staring at me. I can go to a restaurant and sit where I like. I can shop & pick up colour instead of big and black. I can walk up stairs without feeling faint, I can pick up a fork if I drop it without getting dizzy, I can lie on my back & not feel like I’m suffocating, I can fit in my shower & bend down & wash my feet. I can tie my bra & not even think of it. I can wear heels. My feet aren’t swollen anymore. I’m not always sweating. If I wished for a new life I would have wished for what I have now. I was trapped for too many years. I’ve no birthday photos of the last few years as I didn’t care. It was always a crap reminder that another year had passed & I was just fatter. I should have seen the positive side. I was lucky to get another day, I was lucky I didn’t get a stroke or a heart-attack. I’m lucky so I’m gonna make every day I have now count. I always assumed I would have a huge 30th. Truth of that photo on the left I was at my birthday lunch crippled in anxiety. Terrified friends would be there as a surprise & they would see how fat I was.I was down 16 lbs but I was keeping a secret from my family. I wasn’t telling them that I was miserable. That I weighed 26stone 3 weeks previous. Now in hindsight I should have as they knew I was suffering.They were trying their best to carry me along. Everyone just wants you to be happy & healthy. Stop being ashamed of the scales.It’s like your salary.A taboo subject that no one speaks of. Just move on. Weight is there to be gained and to be lost. You’ve done nothing wrong. My only regret is I didn’t take my head outta the sand sooner & beat the bulge 😊#fitness #beforeandafter #gym #love #happy #transformation #health

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How do you keep your motivation going?

I stopped thinking motivation exists. It’s not something someone has. You have to go and find it every morning. In the past as I became unmotivated I just threw in the towel. The fittest person in the world has to find their own motivation. So now I have to break it down step by step. I ask myself every morning do I want to be fat or fit; healthy or dying, happy or sad and I go on from there. I have my oats, I do my workout and if I keep at it I stay motivated. Step by step . Be ready to slip up and just keep going.

What has been the biggest surprise in how you’ve felt since losing weight?

How happy I am at 18.7 stone. I made a decision at the start that I was very proud of myself and I didn’t want to wait for my end goal to feel my happiest. So the biggest surprise is that most days I’m delighted with life. I’m also surprised at how fast my confidence came back. I hated myself before and I was very mean to myself. Now I swan around and tell myself most days how brilliant I am. It’s much easier to be mean to yourself but it’s much nicer to be your own biggest fan.

And what has been the best feeling?

Being happy. Waking up not needing material things. Feeling alive. Being able to walk up stairs without panicking and thinking about it beforehand. Buying clothes that aren’t big and black. Feeling  pretty.

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15496 eyes on me for 2019. Ha ha that’s so gas. 26 stone was 2018. 19 stone is my stone for 2019. The main thing I wanted to achieve was health last year. To not feel like my heart was gonna stop. Then happiness. Next I wanted to be funny again as I was a miserable ole grump & lastly I wanted to be confident. I can tick all of those boxes. I’m healthier, so happy, I’m hilarious and I’m confident enough to put up a photo with my tummy out. God love ye in the summer 😂 I would have never dreamed of being here 11 months ago. Jumping was a thing I couldn’t go . Wearing orange was another thing that didn’t happen . Just take the first step. Don’t be scared. Don’t think that your too fat, too weak , too old, too young, too busy. Anything with “too” before it is an excuse. Excuses make you fat & sad. I know how exhausting it is.Your tired of it all so stop in your tracks and change. There is no simple recipie. It’s hard work and consistency. Bear in mind “hard work” for me was 4 times a week for 30 minutes. 2 hours a week. 8 hours a month. 104 hours a year. All you gotta do after that is say the simple word no. You gotta become selfish. Your time is your time. Stop worrying about others. Take the task of water and let that be your focus. This is a challenge in itself. The amazing part is the power you hold. If you slip up you can fix it. I slipped up on purpose & had 20 gins and a Big Mac but I got over it. You can’t make decisions on mistakes. It was some Craic of a mistake 😂Spend the next 3 months on you instead of being too many too’s. The moment I shut up complaining and started sweating I got happier. Exercise and a calorie deficit and you will lose weight. Get some nice gym gear a fancy water bottle. Look at my peachys not moving, I’ve a discount for them and you can trust me they are worth it for support. So today come with me into 2019 and let’s work our butts off. Take it from the leaner horses mouth it is so worth it! 😊last year I didn’t celebrate my 30th, this year my 31st is happening. 😂 I didn’t think I would be around. Prove yourself wrong like I proved me wrong! Beat the bulge! #fitfam #beatthebulge #happy #transformation #motivationalquotes

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You’re very vocal on Instagram about shaking off a bad few days and resetting, do you think this is an important message to show people?

I think it is. Too often in the past I would have gone mad,had bad food and then just given up. The best learning curve I’ve had is that I am the boss. I’m the CEO Of my body. I can just reset my mistake and plough on. Everyone messes up and eats three bars of chocolate. You have to own it, move on and have a laugh about it.

How do you feel knowing you’ve developed a following on social media?

Flattered. Delighted. Grateful. I can’t believe the support I’ve gotten. I never started this for a following . My lord when I hit 500 followers on Instagram I jumped around my sitting room. Now 58,000 people later messages of support and kindness are pouring in.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how grateful I am for the mad gang of Transformers who have changed my life for the better. Instagram gets a bad rep for being toxic but I’ve never had a mean word said to me. People are amazing.

Are you planning to released a cook book or anything along those lines around your journey?

I have nothing planned. I’m taking it day by day. I would love to do one but no plans as of yet.

What would you say to anyone who wants to start but is a little nervous?

To just relax. It won’t kill you. It will hurt. You will be sore. You’re gonna be wrecked. You’re gonna be allergic. But sweat is much better rolling down your face than tears.

What has been the biggest learning you’ve made along the way?

That I did nothing wrong. That it’s just weight. Once you fight it it goes. I was very hard on myself for years and riddled in shame. I’ve learned that whatever size you are, people are all the same. We all feel sad we all have ups and downs, it’s just about getting back up. I’ve learned that people struggle every day and I was never as alone as I thought I was.

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