Win! A year’s membership with Underground Fitness worth over €1,000

Want to win a year’s membership for Underground Fitness and start working out like you mean it? Good, because we have a full membership to give away!

Underground Fitness in south Dublin is a group workout system like no other. Their personal trainers put you through intense, fully programmed workouts that are always a fresh challenge, and are never repeated. Every day you come in the team will have something new for you, vastly changing from workout to workout to keep it fresh, interesting, and massively effective!
Underground also supply tailored nutrition plans and recipes, full body and progress tracking, as well as a community of hard working, fun loving people. They have workout times ranging from 6am to 7.30pm weekdays, and weekend workouts as well.
Underground Fitness Dublin

Want to know more?

Well, either try Underground’s six-day trial, which gives you more than enough time to try out the workouts and decide if they’re for you.
Or, enter our competition which sees us give away a year-long membership to Underground Fitness to one lucky person worth over €1,000. Check our our Facebook and Instagram pages for more info on how to enter. Entries close midnight 8 August. Good luck WellFesters!