Visit The Healing Area At WellFest 2019

The Healing Area is coming at WellFest 2019 in association with KBC Bank for the first time. Dedicated to those who want to improve the well-being not only of their body but also of their mind and soul.

Here you can find the list of the classes and sessions available on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May, so you can plan you healing weekend in advance!

Discover the sessions

DEBORAH KINSELLA: Sound Healing (Saturday only)

Sound therapy is an ancient healing tradition used by people all over the world. It is a holistic therapy using frequencies to heal. Sound can travel to many areas in the body  that have stagnant energy and can help to shift it. It aids depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain, insomnia, emotions, and much more. Join Deborah, for a journey through sound.

Price: This sound bath is a donation basis.

Follow her on Facebook / Instagram @soundsofserenity

OWEN FEENEY – Athletic Rehabilitation

Owen is Bsc Athletic Therapist. Who specialises in clinical, in-house, pitch-side, and event support and rehabilitation. Specialising in: Injury Prevention, Pre-Participation Screening, On-Field Emergency Care, Injury Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment, Rehabilitation and Reconditioning. Pre & Post Op injuries occurring from sport and everyday life. Owen mixes together good quality rehabilitation, exercise and the use of therapies to facilitate the best possible healing for each person.

Price 20 minute taster session: €20

Price 40 minute treatment: €30

Find out more here.

SHIATSU COLLEGE DUBLIN – Shiatsu Massage and Information

The Shiatsu College of Dublin is dedicated to the promotion of good health and improved well-being for ourselves and others. It is a modern Shiatsu training facility, it is supported and taught by exceptional teachers and leaders in their field of expertise and Shiatsu Education in Ireland. The college offers short specialty courses for Therapists and Bodywork Therapists, introduction workshops to Shiatsu, Japanese Acupressure training and a full Diploma in Shiatsu. Come along to talk with them about the courses and to avail of a wonderfully relaxing 30 min Shiatsu treatment.

Price 30 min treatment: €30

Find out more here or follow them on Instagram & Facebook.

GRÁINNE TYNDALL – Numerology and Life Purpose Readings

Grainne Tyndall is a renowned International Numerologist based in the South East of Ireland. Grainne works with clients from all around the world to help them discover their soul purpose, life purpose and potential and skills. We are delighted that Grainne will be doing individual readings with people at WellFest 2019.

Price: €40

For advanced booking please email [email protected] Visit also the Facebook and Instagram page.

SAMANTHA DOYLE – The Emotion Code Treatment

Samantha Doyle is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner based in West Wicklow and working with clients from all over Ireland. Samantha is delighted to be a part of the new Healing Zone at WellFest this year. She will be offering an introduction to the Emotion Code, a non invasive muscle testing treatment that can locate and clear away built up emotional baggage that may be holding us back.

Price 10 minute taster session: €10

Price 30 minute session: €30

Find out more here or email at [email protected].com for more info.

PAUL MC DONALD – ‘InnerFlow’ Sound Healing (Sunday Only)

Paul is an experienced reiki healer, traveller, truth seeker and meditator. After traveling the globe for over 13 years, and learning from a broad range of healing disciplines, Paul has recently returned to Ireland. Come and experience the combination and refinement of these techniques into a single healing vibration of sound that will help you liberate your soul and return to your beautiful, radiant centre.

Participants will be fully clothed and laying still during the meditation. If you tend to get cold easily, please bring a blanket to keep you warm, Yoga mat is great to lie on but if you prefer, lay on the grass and connect to the earth. Simply roll out your yoga mat, lay down, bathe in the healing vibrations and stay as long as you like.

Paul will be offering two 2 hour sound healing sessions:  10am – 12 midday and 2pm – 4pm

Find out more here or follow Pauls’s Instagram & Facebook page.

If you haven’t booked yet, be quick as there are limited ticket remaining. Book your ticket now at wellfest.ie/festival. If you’ve got your ticket, here’s everything you need to know ahead of the weekend.

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