easy ways to change your day

4 Ways To Change Your Day Before It Even Starts

Banish grey days with these four simple ways to change your day. Do all four to turn every day into a good one!

Are there any easy ways to change your day? Experts say that if we aim to do four things first thing in the morning we can drastically improve our day to day lives. So what are these four things? Revealed by Inc, they’re giving, gratitude, breathing and growing. The aim of each part is to help you feel more positivehappy and open to success throughout the day. Best of all, when combined the whole routine takes only 32 minutes.


We know that giving a gift is better than receiving right? Well this research follows the same principle and suggests that doing a five minute favour for somebody will change your day more than theirs. It can be anything from getting a colleague a coffee to making your partner’s lunch. It doesn’t have to be huge but it does have to make a noticeable difference to their day.


We’ve spoke before about developing an attitude of gratitude, but have you actually done it yet? Spending five minutes in the morning listing things you’re grateful for is a sure fire way to change your attitude. Write it down, make a new note in your phone or just talk to yourself in the shower. The important thing here is that you try to find something new every day. Don’t fall into a trap of using family and friends every day, because eventually it will stop working.


This is our favourite way to change our attitude, because it’s the easiest to do and can be done anywhere. Before you even get out of bed in the morning take a few minutes to concentrate on your breath. Close your eyes and just feel your breath coming in and going out. After a few days start to send your breath to different areas in your body and don’t put pressure on yourself. If your mind starts to wonder just come back to the breath.


Try to learn something new! Experts say this can be done in 20 minutes, so why not listen to a podcast or an audio book on the commute? Banish mindless scrolling and instead use your time in the morning to make a difference to your day.

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