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Weekly Inspo: Holly White

Are you interested in becoming vegan? We chat to Holly White about her top tips on making the change

There are many reasons for going vegan, but whatever reason you may be embarking on an animal-produce free diet, it’s vitally important you make sure you’re not missing out essential vitamins and minerals that don’t naturally occur in a plant-based diet. Knowing this, Meaghers Pharmacy has teamed up with Holly White to create the ultimate vegan supplement bundle. As a fully certified plant-based nutritionist, Holly has the expert knowledge to steer those on a plant-based diet in the right direction. Meaghers in house supplement specialists worked alongside Holly to source the most potent forms of the chosen vitamins to make being a consciously healthy vegan easier than ever.

The Meaghers X Holly White bundle contains four products, with the option of adding Symprove to make the complete vegan vitamin package. Bundle One contains Better You Iron, Better You B12 Boost, Higher Nature Sea Calcium & Vegan DHA. In Bundle Two you get all of the potent vitamins in bundle one, with the added benefit of Symprove. Symprove has been proven to outperform leading competitors in getting live bacteria to the gut, where they can survive, thrive and multiply.

What one piece of advice would you give somebody who’s thinking of starting to adopt a vegan lifestyle?

Get educated on the why first. Before you contemplate any change learn a bit more about the lifestyle and see if it truly resonates. For me, it was making the environmental connection that motivated me to see out how to change my lifestyle.

Would you recommend an all-in approach or can you have a more mix and match attitude?

I think everyone should do whatever suits them – whether it be an occasional dairy-free coffee, a meat-free Monday, or actually just sourcing produce locally.

What would people be surprised to know about life as a vegan?

How happy, healthy and energized I feel. I’m now in my mid-thirties and I look back in my twenties as a hazed fog of constantly feeling bloated, exhausted and scattered. Changing how and what I eat has really grounded me and changed my life infinitely for the better.

What’s the biggest vegan myth?

That meat and dairy are the sole sources of calcium and protein,  that’s excellent marketing! So much so that people take it as 100% true but it’s not. They’re essential requirements for the human body and can easily be sourced in a vegan manner that’s convenient.

What do you wish you’d known before you adopted a vegan lifestyle?

For the first year, I needed to learn how to cook. There were a few months of experiments that didn’t work out when I was trying to create certain flavors I wanted. That’s why I created my book. It’s exactly what I would have wanted back over five years ago when I transitioned.

What could you not be without?

Clean water, fresh fruit and vegetables, my three cats, my family, friends, and my lovely followers. My followers are almost like a focus group and give brilliant recommendations especially when traveling. I get so much inspiration and support from them!

Why did you decide to team up with Meaghers?

At events and demonstrations, people were constantly asking me for nutritional recommendations. I am certified in plant-based nutrition and I research what is suitable for my body. But I wanted to work with the extremely qualified team at Meaghers to thoroughly research exactly what was the best before recommending anything. I’m so proud of what we have created. Every element is considered right down to the box it comes in which is home compostable. Even the sticker uses vegan glue.

Why do you think supplements are important?

Naturally, food is my first port of call for my nutritional needs but effective supplementation provides a wonderful security. Especially when I am traveling, working long hours or just going through a stressful period it’s very reassuring to know I’m still meeting my nutritional needs.

What would you like to see happen to the vegan lifestyle in the future?

Mostly I think it will just become another form of eating that’s socially accepted rather than questioned. What I hope to do is to further elevate people’s perceptions of vegan food and I’ve worked with The Merrion Hotel creating vegan options throughout the whole hotel which are both sumptuous and satisfying- which can be surprising for people. The vegan afternoon tea is a particularly special treat.

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